You Want Tarte? Oh, I'll Give You Tarte... (Swatches and Reviews)

Sunday, April 10, 2016

As a risk-averse individual (gambling gives me anxiety!), I feel like I will always strive for the basic, au natural look when it comes to beauty. When I was younger, I loved experimenting with colours in my wardrobe, but I have always steered clear of the bright pink lip. Now that I'm in my mid 20's,  not only do I keep my makeup simple (I will never be caught dead with electric blue eyeshadow), I strive to prioritise cruelty-free and healthy makeup. So when a brand like Tarte Cosmetics uses buzz-words like "eco-chic makeup", "naturally-derived ingredients" and the lot, I go ga-ga. Here are some of my Tarte favourites which are, luckily for you, available on

When I first laid eyes on the Tartelette In Bloom palette at Sephora's Media Showcase back in January, I fell head over heels in love. If you follow me on Snapchat (@bamitsjoanne, what else?) you would have seen this palette in all its nude/brown glory. So when it finally came in the mail last week, I squealed like a 7 year old girl feeding a dolphin for the first time. I showed it off to my male housemates who probably are rethinking their decision to share a house with a palette-obssessed female (commonly associated with the phrase 'crazy cat lady'). 

But help me out now - how could you resist!? It's the most amazingly curated eyeshadow palette that's both versatile and easy-to-wear. Consisting of three shimmer colours and nine matte ones, the Tartelette In Bloom palette is made out of incredibly pigmented eyeshadows with huge colour pay-offs. Swatch above as proof. Granted, I have not tried it on my eyelids yet, but I'm considering doing a look with it that I might blog about. Comment down below if you would like to see it! :)

Tarteist Clay Paint Liner (featured in first picture - black and gold tube)

Unfortunately, the Tarteist Clay Paint liner did not quite deliver the same level of quality as with the palette. In fact, to be brutally honest, this is probably my least favourite product out of the lot. I consider myself an eyeliner junkie, and this liner puts Tarte's name to shame. Though the colour payoff is great (a very intense black), the consistency is sub-par and the formula smudges on my non-oily eyelids after approximately an hour of wear, which is a massive no-no for any eyeliner product in my opinion.

Tarteist Lip Crayon in Latergram and Lip Paint in TBT

The liner may have been disappointing, but behold... my current favourite lip combo at the mo!!! Yes, this product deserves three childish exclamation marks - that's how much I'm in love with the Tarteist Lip Paint in TBT! According to a friend and makeup artist who works at Sephora, TBT is Tarte's most demanded shade in their lip paint range. Side note, how cute are the names?

In terms of formula, the lip paint glides on smoothly, and it's neither too thick nor dries you out. When it comes to lip products, I'm not one for touch-ups, so the long-lasting power = constant reapplication not required = happy Jojo. The Lip Crayon in Latergram is a key component in helping the lip paint stay on, but you can go without it and still look fabulous for a few hours at least. That being said, touch up is still required after food and drinks consumption, so if you are looking for "tattoo liquid lipsticks", this one isn't for you.

Once again, quirky names, stunning formula, decent longevity. However, I'm afraid the colours in this combination is a little too light for my skin tone (NC35). This is highly unfortunate, but it will make a beautiful, everyday nude for someone with paler skin. 


Photography by myself

All products featured are available on Sephora Australia Online

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