Thursday, December 03, 2015

You know that feeling of surrealism? The moment of realisation when it hits you and you're gob-smacked that your favourite artist/ online influencer/ secret crush comes up to you and wants to get to know you? Well, in blogger-speak, there is nothing, and I repeat, nothing more exciting than being approached by a brand you've been a fan of all your life. 

If you have been following my eye care journey, I was told that my eyes are not taking in enough oxygen because of the contact lens I was wearing. So it was a fortunate stroke of serendipity that the very same brand that I've became so acquainted with for a quarter of my life (I am fiercely loyal and refuse to swap brands) approached me and offered to help fix my problems. It was as if they read my blog! Of course I jumped at the opportunity and said yes (after explaining my terms and conditions about giving a positive review if it's not true, of course. All opinions are and always will be my own! How else do you stay loyal to your blog?).

So let me lay it all out for you:

Brand: Alcon (formerly Ciba Vision) 

Old lens type: Focus Dailies All Day Comfort (blue box)
Duration: Past five years

New lens type: Dailies Total1 (brown box)
Duration: Probably for the rest of my life. Once you go water gradient, you never go back.

Water gradient? What do you mean? Perhaps this chart explains it best:

Four other bloggers and I were invited to take the Dailies Total1 five day challenge, where we wear Dailies Total1 for five day to night outings and write reviews about how our night went and whether the comfort lasts all night.

The challenge kicked off with the five of us being invited to O Bar and Dining, the revolving restaurant up on George Street. We enjoyed canapés, three course meals, and a cocktail jug that is bigger than my face at 47 levels high, and we stayed there so long that we had to cancel my car transfer (which would have arrived 2.5 hours too early), and the waiter had to come and politely kick us out. That's the sign of a good night, isn't it? 

All in all, here is a quick summary of what my first impression of them is: 

Extremely comfortable, contact lens feels invisible, lasted all night without falling off or needing eye drops (which is so rare!). It's amazing how technology improves lives. Due to the water gradient technology explained in the graph above, the contact lens feels like a soft jelly-substance that provides comfort to my eyes, and because the core has a lower water content, it acts as a better oxygen transporter, allowing my eyes to breathe better and not dry out. This will also hopefully help ease the blood vessel issue in my eyes that my optometrist warned me about.

Sorry for geeking out on you guys like this but I'm just really interested in the health of my eyes and therefore excited to share my new discovery with you!

I'll be back with a second post detailing my overall experience with Dailies Total1, which I'll also hold a The Iconic giveaway to five lucky readers! Stay tuned for more details :)

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are -- and always will be -- my own.  

Photo by Ashleigh McCallum

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