Monday, October 26, 2015

By life I mean eyesight.

Story time: There was once a little girl who was cursed with bad eyesight (-5.5 both eyes!) and has worn glasses ever since she could remember. Once she hit 18, at the final days of her senior year in high school, she decided that wearing glasses to graduation parties is not a thing. Her plan was to borrow a pair of disposable contact lens off her friend who is equally as blind as she was. She did it and hasn't turned back since.

And, you've guessed it! That little girl was me.

I have been a proud contact lens user for the past 5 years now and am in no rush to change this... until two weeks ago. Not only do glasses get in the way of life -- eg. when working out or putting on mud masks (I have mud stains on my glasses as proof) --, they are also incredibly uncomfortable due to them being ill-fitting.

So when OPSM announced their Asian-fit glasses range, I was immediately attentive. What? Glasses made to suit Asian features? Comfortable AND aesthetically pleasing to suit my high cheek bones and lower nose bridge? Where do I sign up? TAKE MY MONAYYYYY.

So it happened. I had an appointment on Friday at the brand new OPSM World Square store in Sydney CBD (where Cotton On used to be). It has a shiny new fit out with cool wooden interiors that attempts to look alternatively modern. Seems as though they are rebranding from the old 'clinical' image. I am a sucker for pleasing interiors so that was a huge tick of a good impression from me.

But pleasing interiors do not sell; good customer service does. I was greeted immediately by an enthusiastic store assistant who then introduced me to Mary, my optometrist. She was incredibly patient with all my burning questions about eye laser surgery (considered doing it, but she changed my mind when she told me she wouldn't recommend it, not even to her mother even though she would've gotten it for free through connections!), and went through about four different eye tests with me using insanely advanced technologies. One of which has the ability to scan to the back of my eyes to detect any potential eye disease! How cool!

The results? My eyes are healthy, but I was told to refrain from wearing contact lenses every day of the week (I have since cut it down to 6 days a week - Sundays are now my rest days) as my eyes need oxygen to breathe. When I was surprised Mary knew I refuse to wear glasses, she explained that there are blood vessels near my eyeballs, which exist because my eyes were not breathing properly because the contact lens stifle oxygen intake, and therefore needed more oxygen from the blood.  Did I mention how knowledgable she is?!

Even if you're not planning to get a pair of glasses, it's worth popping in just to ask for an eye examination. If it's on a quiet day, I'm sure the optometrists there would be more than happy to entertain you! I learned so much about my eyes through this session alone with Mary, and it definitely encouraged me to be way more attentive about my personal eye care -- something I previously never thought about.

I have cut down to 6 days a week of contact lens wearing, and will eventually try to go 2 or 3 days a week without contact lens. God, this sounds like a diet doesn't it? It helps that I picked out this cute pair of Oliver Peoples in store. I like the classic black look that will go with anything I wear for the day, which is a major plus. Because of the Asian-fit frames, they suit my face shape well and sits nicely on my nose bridge. Unfortunately the back of the glasses hurt the back of my ears because of the way I adjusted it myself, but nothing a quick store visit for professional adjustment wouldn't fix. Overall I will rate the entire OPSM experience as 8/10 satisfactory! Amazingly informative, incredible customer service and a huge selection of frames.

Tell me your glasses/ contact lens story in the comment below! Do you wear glasses or contact lens? Hate it or love it? Whose camp are you on?

Wearing: Oliver People glasses via OPSM,  66 the label 'Goldie' fedoraMake Up For Ever Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil in Red 8C via Sephora

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