Sunday, August 30, 2015

Only a week has past since I've gotten back from Europe and boy does time fly! To be honest, I did not want to come back. Returning to Sydney meant returning to all these [dreaded] responsibilities, and travel was my means of escape. However, there is no avoiding life forever, and sooner or later you'd have to face them, so why not now?

As soon as I stepped down on Australian soil, I have been on the go non-stop -- unpacking, jetlag, meetings, catch up's with friends and family, work, work, more work. I've recently just taken up a new job as well, so with two jobs on my plate, plus uni, fabsoc, freelance styling and this blog, I have been round the clock busy, from the moment I am awake till I fall asleep. I don't have the luxury of picking out my outfits in the morning anymore! 

That's when closet staples come in handy. Black skinny jeans like this pair from Abrand has been on high rotation, paired with multiple other black items in my closet. Here I've paired this pair of jeans with my black sneakers (my sneaker obsession is still high from Europe... Can Australia please start being acceptable to girls clubbing in sneakers?). On colder days, I wear them with my knee high boots, and on business meeting days, I wear them with my staple leopard print stiletto's. 

The key to looking chic in black, is to ensure you are aware of your proportions. Black skinny jeans? Pair it with a loose black tank top. Long, loose black pants? Try them on with a high neck tight crop top. Lastly, always, always accessorise! Here I have my sunglasses, ring, clutch, and a hat borrowed from my friend Camille. Keep them simple and understated -- after all, so is the rest of your outfit.

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