Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How many fashion rules can a fashionista break, if a fashionista could break fashion rules? 

In this outfit alone, I have broken three (...that I know of, there might be more). Mixing metals, accessorising and wearing a pair of jeans under another. The latter is not so much a 'rule', more so a 'whothehelldoesthat?' question, to which I respond - skinny people with oversized boyfriend jeans.

Let's start addressing these issues one by one. 

One, mixing metals. I have no reason to think why we should segregate rose gold, yellow gold and silver/ white gold. Colour segregation is a crime in the human world, so what makes you guys think it's okay for jewellery to be treated that way? Rings have feelings too.

Two, over-accessorising. I just counted - I have 14 rings in both hands, that makes 7 each on average! This is in no way hygienically practical (I've abandoned rings in washing basins before), but totally rapist-proof (blood will be shed if you throw punches at someone's nose). For personal safety and a defence mechanism, I say, heck, layer them babies up!

Finally, jeans over jeans. This is a fairly new concept to me, for I've never seen it done on the streets before. I was inspired by David Jones' latest denim editorial featuring Montana Cox where she layered two pairs of ripped skinnies together, and I thought, why, what a great way to wear my oversized boyfriend ripped jeans without folding them down the waist! Yes, that is what I usually do when even the smallest size is too large for my petite frame.

Do you dare break any of these rules? 

samantha wills statement necklace
samantha wills bohemian bardot ring & assorted fine jewellery
samantha wills bracelet worn as ankle cuff

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2 thoughts

  1. I'm always for mixing and matching all kinds of jewellery, it's what makes it special.
    Besides from "who wears two pair of jeans at once" weren't you really warm with all that fabric??!

    xx Cheyenne

  2. Cheyenne how are you! Yes I was super warm during the shoot because the sun just came out, but when I was wearing the outfit it was on a cold day and it was actually perfect! I get cold easily and often have to wear knee high boots for that second "layer" of coverage for my bottom half haha. Love that you mix metals! I think we're getting to a point in time in fashion where it's "everything goes"!


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