Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I'm wearing: LIFE with BIRD sweater and jogger pants, Seed Heritage shoes, eQuip headband

LIFE with BIRD has an amazingly stunning diffusion line called L.W.B, and it is a thousand shades of grey and black basics with a twang of modernity. Simply put, it is a normcore heaven.

I would not call myself 'normcore' blogger, but I do appreciate simple, clean aesthetics - any wardrobe requires basics. So imagine my frustration when trying to pick pieces out - 'Ooh, I loooove that piece.' 'Oh my god, that piece is even more stunning!' 'Wow, look at THAT.'

In the end, for my third instalment of the grey series, I decided to settle for comfort. An effortless, 'I woke up like this' look, but with some simple heels and glamorous headpiece for a nice touch. Who would ever think to wear pajama with heels and a Golden Slipper-appropriate headpiece? This outfit probably wouldn't sit well with some of you, but I enjoy putting unexpected pieces together - just to mess with your head a little.

Shop comfort basics:

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