Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Self-pampering Without Leaving Your Bed 101


1 x bowl of Greek yoghurt and some fresh fruits (preferably in Australian flag colours)

1 x box of stick-on Elegant Touch nails (breakfast in bed? pfft, perfect nails in bed! Or better yet, perfect nail beds)

1 x box of Eylure eyebrow palette for highly achievable 'Instagram Brows'

1 x good book (I'm currently reading Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card.. it's too addictive!)


Step 1: Place eye mask on your eye bags 

Step 2: Place neck and decolletage mask on neck and decolletage

Step 3: Eat your yoghurt

Step 4: Read a good book for 30 mins, or just close your eyes and relax

Step 5: Remove eye and neck masks

Step 6: Admire the difference Skin Republic masks made to your skin

Step 7: Put your best brow game on

Step 8: Glue on some nails (to look done up in under 5)

Step 9: Smack on your go to red lippy - M.A.C 'Red'

Step 10: Spritz on Chanel No. 5 Eau de Parfum

And there - done! Any boy who ever hurt you, any boss at work who's ever condescending to you, any chick who's ever fake to you... None of them can put you down now, because you love yourself. I know this does come across as a little superficial. My mom, a strong follower of Osho, will say - Jo, these things are fleeting, temporary. They make you feel good for a while, but after that, you're still hollow inside. 

No, mom. These things make me feel better about myself. Sometimes you need to shower yourself with love, with a little self-pampering. Sometimes an under-eye mask filled with collagen is all the nudge you need to come to a realisation. That everything else is just fleeting - heartbreaks, condescending bosses, fake friends - they are all for that moment only, it's your mind that eats up all the negativity and hold grudges and make Spotify playlists full of sad songs.  

So pick out a mask, close your eyes, relax, and most of all.... be happy with yourself. Happy for being yourself.... and also for having gotten rid of your dark circles.

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