Wednesday, February 04, 2015

So I was browsing ASOS today (as you do), and you know how they play an amazing selection of musics during their model 'catwalks'? I am eternally grateful to ASOS for listing the songs and artists names, because otherwise the lyrics will be stuck in my head and I would never know who sang it and what song name was.. Hands up if you hate it too!!

Now this is how I chanced upon Whinnie Williams (all good stories start with fashion, always), and I decided to search her up on YouTube after my 5th hour of saving items/ adding to cart /removing from cart because $$ /adding back to cart because YOLO (please don't judge).

It seemed impossible, but her music videos made me like her even more! In a recent interview with her by Red Carpet TV, she described her music style as "60's French". Which I wholeheartedly concur - even the music video styling is on point. Her signature makeup look (on and off music video) is very 60's Twiggy inspired - long, big lashes and big hair. In terms of clothing styling, there are many Chanel-tweed jacket references, and I've spotted her red Miu Miu sunnies in more than one video (I have the same one in a leopard print version from Sunglass Hut! Does this mean I've got Whinnie's fashion approval?!).

Anyway, I'll spare you further girl crush rants, but she is now my #WCW (Women Crush Wednesday, a highly popular Instagram tag as of late, along with #TBT Throw Back Thursdays and #FBF Flash Back Friday. Who invests these? Seriously). Even though her style is not something I'd wear myself, but I admire how she brings herself, and how she wears it so well... Love it when people stick to their style and nail it! For example, my friend Alisha Yi nails 'sportluxe/ normcore', Yan Yan nails 'i woke up like this / casual idgaf cool', Olivia Palermo nails 'polished, luxurious chic'. None of them are 100% my style/ where I draw my fashion inspiration from, but I'm obsessed with them as a person because they can do no wrong in their niche/department.

ANYWAYYYY, I digress, please enjoy some Whinnie Williams as embed here. She deserves a lot more fame and views on her videos - comment if you agree!

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