Sunday, January 18, 2015

Justin is wearing: Ray-Ban's sunnies, Tommy Hilfiger tee, Dricoper Denim Chinos and Louis Vuitton shoes, Hugo Boss watch

 Justin and I chose the worse day for this shoot because as soon as we got to our location, it was pouring like cats and dogs. We were debating whether to stay or postpone to another day (I had to go to Bondi for meeting after the shoot). 

Luck was on our side because after about half an hour of jamming my* lung out to Taylor Swift in the car (what other logical alternative did we have, really?), the sky cleared and the sun came out to visit... for about 5 minutes.

Considering the fact that had a five minute window to shoot this casual ensemble before Sydney's Rain God decided to attack again**, I thought Justin did a great job as model du jour. Though it certainly made his work easier when his outfit looks as crisp as it could get with these sick Dricoper 'Jack'  chino pants.

For sizing reference, he's a size 30/32, but size 30 fits him perfectly. 

*note: singular pronoun because Justin decided to spare me permanent auditory injury/ potential psychological trauma...

**note: totally considered doing a rain dance as worship to buy us more time, but then remembered that I lack balancing/coordination skills. Didn't want to offend Sir Rain God, ya know?

Photos by Yours Truly

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3 thoughts

  1. I'm so impressed you shot this within 5 minutes! Definitely an excellent job, especially considering the weather. If you don't mind me asking, where is this location? I love all the white walls and corrugated iron :)

    XO Greta | flourishbygreta.com

  2. Hello babe! Thanks so much! it's at the rooftop carpark at castle towers.. I've used this location about three times- defs one of my favorite go-tos!


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