Monday, August 25, 2014

This Friday 29th August is Kosmea Australia's Makeup Free Me Day!! Which means we all get to go barefaced woohoo! 

photo from Instagram @bamitsjoanne

I normally don't wear makeup anyway on a daily basis. I'd rather sleep in an extra 20 minutes and sacrifice my makeup time! There was a period of my life around last year, where I used to put makeup on almost everyday. I felt as though I needed makeup to "attract boys" or make myself feel good. I'm still coming to terms with it, but I know one day I will be completely fine and happy with myself that I won't need makeup to validate my self worth. 

Which brings me to a most commonly asked question - How do you keep your skin looking good without makeup?

I did a post a month ago about my travelling essentials, but here I'd like to delve deeper into the 3 main beauty products that I swear by.

1. My handy Carmex in a jar! Y'all know how much I rely on this pot of medicated goodness. I'm addicted to say the least. I have one in my handbag, one in my bedside drawer and one at my office desk. Haha not even kidding! It's pretty much my beauty essential, and I make sure I can use it anywhere, anytime hence it's always within reach no matter where I go. There's a reason why Carmex has been around for 77 years, and is sold every 29 seconds around the world. I know, I'm such a dork.

2. Kosmea Australia Rose Hip Oil - This product is my Holy Grail for dry skin. I used to have really dry skin and since using this every day and night, my face is now smooth and non-flaky. Now that my skin is back to normal, I have been cutting down on using it. I use it every other day now, alternating between this and Indeed Labs Hydroluron Moisture Jelly. I love the jelly texture and how it makes my face feels super bouncy. The only down side to the Hydroluron is that is gets used up pretty quickly (I finished my jar in about two months or less), whereas my Rose Hip Oil lasts forever!

3. Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm in Pink - So most of my friends have heard me gush about this product countless times - now it's your turn! :P  It's seriously the best lip balm for when I have makeup on (sometimes even without makeup) as it gives a little colour to your lips. I once got so desperate and it worked doubly as a cheek stain/ blush too hehe. Who cares! No one notices! 

Go home, Jo. You're drunk on Carmex. 

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