Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'm wearing: Prada PR 29PS sunglasses via Sunglass HutSHEIKE Arctic Crop Knit (black will be in stores soon, meanwhile you can shop the Mint version here), Hello Parry Alice Neoprene skirt, Vintage sheer top from Japan, Billini Sia ankle boots, Her Fashion Box Androgychic ID bracelets worn as ankle cuffs

This was my #MBFWA outfit for Day 3. I wanted to wear comfy heels (you'd do the same after experiencing two whole days of stilettos), so these ankle boots were perfect. I've been doing the bracelets-as-cuffs thing lately and I'm loving it because they add a bit of detail to an otherwise mediocre monochrome outfit. 

I'll be posting runway photos soon, after I get my Macbook Air fixed. Fashion week meant running around like a mad headless chicken from Sydney Uni to Carriageworks and back, so my laptop was exposed to the rain & water got into it and now it refuses to turn itself on. I'm working off Anthony's Macbook now so no complains, but I would much prefer to have my Air back D:

Now that fashion week is over, I just want to express how happy I was meeting all my new fashion friends that I wouldn't have met otherwise. 

Special thanks to Yvan Rodic, Caitlyn Paterson, Troy Beman, Jess Rogers, Katie, Maddie and TJ Riley, Elle-May Leckenby, Nikki Chowdury, Xian Han Shen, Christina Vahaviolos, Christine Ai, Elliot Hunt, Myles, Andrea Hetherington, Christopher Haggarty, Warren Pasi, Mike & Kei, Darren Luk, Chloe Morello and everyone else for making my first Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week experience so special. I've linked to their blogs/websites so you guys should definitely check them out by clicking on their names. These are some seriously talented and underrated people out there. Keep in touch & I have  no doubt we will see each other again soon! :)

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  1. love the idea of bracelets as cuffs x
    looking totally rad !


  2. Love all the different textures - gorgeous xo


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