Sunday, November 17, 2013

So so honoured to be invited to the Genesis Fashion Show! I got my hair done (complimentary!) by NAK Hair. They have the best hair stylists ever -- the second image perfectly describes my delight when I saw what they've done to my hair! I'm sure you've already noticed how bland my hair looks for every outfit photo. I never do anything special to my hair-- not even on special night outs! Speaking of which, I've been wanting to do something completely different to my hair now... Looking around for good Sydney hair salons.. Any recommendations? Happy to be a hair model as well if anyone's interested in a Asian with thick dark brown hair (dyed once)! ;) 

Anyway, I've digress (as I do in every post). Let's talk about the clothes at Genesis. These designs are from one of my favourite labels, Tanouk. Sports Luxe was a pretty evident theme, and I especially love the shorts with the asymmetrical orange bit and stud detailing on the waist (6th picture from the top). 

Tell me what your favourite piece is below! :)

Jojo xo

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