Saturday, March 08, 2014

So there's a huge trend on social media lately about body scrubs... but with coffee. The first I've heard of is a scrub called Frank Bod, and now I'm glad to present to you Babe Scrub (what a name!) I was sent a pack to review and was initially a little hesitant as I've never tried it before. Prior to that, I was using Burt's Bee's Sugar Scrub (with cranberry and pomegranate seeds!! All natural oil), absolutely love it and REFUSE to purchase any other scrubs. As I'm not much of a coffee person, I thought I might give Babe Scrub a go - Why not?

I'm trying not to be cheesy here, but I'm pleasantly surprised. When I first opened the pack it smells exquisite. Like, heavenly. The smell of really fresh, grounded coffee. Now trust me when I say I'm not a coffee addict (like most of you are, I'm sure). I order Mocha at cafes and only do so very, very occasionally. It's because I don't want to get addiction (coffee is an expensive addiction too might I add), and secondly, I'm too vain and I don't wanna stain my teeth (which can be cured using Oral B 3D White Strips!! But I digress..)
The scrub itself was also really soothing. It's different from the Sugar Scrub (sweet, slightly oily). The coffee scrub makes it a little more earthy, grungy, but you can literally feel it exfoliating your skin. As you scrub it in a circular motion all over your body, the aroma is just so heavenly and makes me feel so incredibly happy. It also makes me feel so... clean. And soft as a baby's bottom. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that this is what strippers use to make their skin feel so soft (not that I would know what their skin feels like... heh I know what you're thinking and I totally eliminated objections before you raise them! #Winning :p) 

PLUS, I think smelling it will also give you the hit of a coffee- great way to wake up in the morning don't you think? Also, I recommend using the coffee scrub before shaving! Perfect base for exfoliation, giving you a closer shave (oh god why does this sound like an ad line...)
Babe Scrub comes in 3 different "flavors" - Green Tea, Coffee and Pink Salt. I have yet to try the other two (would sure love to!), but for now, the No. 2 Coffee Scrub gets a thumbs up from me.You can get yours here: :) 

Have you tried Babe Scrub or any other coffee scrubs? What is your favorite scrub ever? Would love to hear from you, Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

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