Monday, November 04, 2013

About two weeks ago, I was invited to the Makeup Social Launch Party! It was a night event filled with makeup, food, pretty girls and famous YouTube beauty gurus like Chloe Morella, Amy Sass... and the rest I'm not so sure the name of, because I don't really watch YouTube makeup tutorials :P Needless to say, it was a great night!

So what is Makeup Social you might ask? It's a social media platform for beauty, so think Facebook, but all about Makeup and skincare. You can upload your #MOTD (makeup of the day) and tag products that you use. So example, Chanel translucent powder, Maybelline lipstick, etc.... Another feature which I think is really cool is where you get to upload beauty items into your beauty shelf, so you get to see what sort of products I use daily. Lastly, the best feature is probably where you get to see people with different skin type and skin color, and check out whether you're similar. This is because a certain product may work well for skin type A, but not necessarily for skin type B. That's why it's important to hear about makeup advice from people who are similar to you, and MUS allows you to do exactly that. You can see whether someone is 80% similar to you, and you might want to trust their judgments on product reviews as opposed to someone else who are totally different than you.

Here's the website and I encourage you to sign up to an account >> and you can follow me there on there as well, my username is naturally bamitsjoanne :P 

Me and the lovely girls from Her Fashion Box! Kath, co-founder of HFB on my left and Vanessa on my right. 

Photos by Makeup Social Photography team

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