Sunday, October 27, 2013

 These pictures were taken at my beloved Sydney University campus, around the Quad area (Hogwarts building). I've mentioned before that I don't wear heels to uni (unless I have a business presentation), but for this shoot's purpose I packed my trusty black heels that I know will go with everything and anything I wear!

Let me first say that Sarah is an amazing designer. Everything you see above is her amazing creation! I'm particularly in love with the thigh split skirt. Come summer, everyone will start wearing muscle tanks and showing off their side boobs. I try to compensate my lack of side boobies with copious amounts of side leg action, and it usually works.. Flaunt your assets, and hide your flaws, my friend!

I'm wearing: Sarah Jane Knapp gold cami, gold leather shorts, sand silk tee and printed thigh split skirt. Seed heritage shoes.

Photos by Tino Contino, Edited by Gin Francis

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2 thoughts

  1. Ugly ugly ugly. Does this girl have any style? Body + face = thumbs down. Modelling ain't your thing babe

  2. Hot. It's great to see someone loving what they are doing, and it's even better when they look that good doing it. Especially love the last pic which really shows some personality


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