Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Photos by @Ryanboy

It has been an incredibly spontaneous day, with a spur of the moment purchase of these shoes in the A.M. (In my defense, I thought about it all night after this post), and a spontaneous outfit shoot in the P.M. After work, Ryan and I drove down towards Paddington and spotted this really cool place as we drove past. It's a little secret hidden garden called the Paddington Reservoire, right across the shops. We were both surprised we've never seen this place before!

Adventure time. 

Paddington Reservoire is jaw-dropping, with it's gigantic columns and walls, of which I assume was inspired by European architecture. Being a boy, Ryan deciding to climb up three stories high to perform a hand-stand, and being a boy, he didn't think ahead and couldn't figure a way to climb back down. But eventually, he did, and we took some awesome shoe-selfies. Black shoes all the way! (Some red soles never hurt anyone though.... Next purchase perhaps?) :P

How was everyone's Labor Day Weekend?

Ryan is wearing: Nike mesh runners, Comme Des Garcon card holder, hairy nude stockings (haha jokes)

I'm wearing: Sportsgirl striped tee, Aeropostale denim cut-offs (DIY), MANGO leather jacket, and Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandals (available at David Jones for $565).

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