Monday, October 07, 2013

Stuart Weitzman $400 at David Jones, or available online at Forward by Elyse Walker

So I saw these gladiator sandals on Stuart Weitzman's instagram when I watched the campaign that Kate Moss was ambassador of, and I fell in love with it instantly (might have drooled here and there). It actually reminded me of the summer trend 5 years ago. I remember still being in high school when my fashion-forward friend Ilena was raving about gladiator sandals being the next big thing.

Chanel Gladiator Sandals from the 2007 Cruise Collection 

Chanel 2007 Cruise Collection Gladiator Sandals

Loved the styling work done by Uncle Karl (wayyy cooler than Uncle Sam! Jokes. I love you Amuhricahhh). As you can see, fashion comes and goes, 5 years ago this was the fad, and now 5 years down the road, black fedora hats and knee-high gladiators are back again! So that was my first impression of these hotties. 

My second encounter with these fish-net looking black summer staple was when a customer came into work yesterday with these EXACT PAIR OF SHOES ON. Needless to say I rushed to serve this beautiful lady with a sense of elegant taste, hoping to learn from her a thing or two about style (a maybe sneakily about the shoes as well). That's when I found out they sell these at DJs! I was literally over the moon, because I get to try them on before I buy them!

I have yet to step into DJs for these babies due to my crazy schedule, but hopefully I will soon! At the mean time, if anyone is by chance feeling generous, and/or wants to give me an advanced birthday present (it's only in 3 months! Better early than late), it might be helpful to drop the hint that I'm a size 5 :P

If you're not looking to buy me a present, at least follow me on the social media channels below and I'll be equally contented ;)

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