Sheer Goodness

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Because wearing a completely see through top is tres awesome. And by saying that I've just refuted my awesomity. And coined a new word. What I meant to say was... I'm loving everything sheer, mesh and paneled at the moment! Did I mention sheer?

Sheer is all over the runway recently. Designers known for their minimalist style (think Alexander Wang) and those known for wacky creations (like Marc Jacobs) are all embracing this trend. Here's PROOF: an amazing sheer silk blouse by T by Alexander Wang; whereas Louis Vuitton FW13 is all about sheer nightgowns (with a fair share of dip-dyed sequins and slouchy fur coats of course).

I took these pictures early Saturday morning before barely catching the bus to work, and I think the perfect amount of sunlight reflected to show my new hair color! I got it done 3 weeks ago, and I'm still not sick of it yet- which is always a good sign. A work mate even said I look more tanned. I'm taking it as a compliment.

To match my new hair color I have bought a new eyebrow liner called 04 Light Grey from Cybercolors (got it from Malaysia, available at any SASA stores in Asia). To achieve this look I've also used a dark brown eye shadow to contour my nose and subsequently highlight my nose bridge. I think this step of contouring (and the filled in eyebrows) makes a huge difference in my makeup routine. My nose doesn't usually look like this. It's a makeup trick.

Here's to spamming you with more photos of similar stance/variety...

Top: My mom's  //  Jeans: Miss Shop via Myers  // Shoes: Vincci (from overseas) 

Lookbook hasn't allowed me to post any photos lately! Anyone else facing the same problem? :( Tech geek pls help. SOS

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