The 'Back Tuck'

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Introducing... The 'BackTuck' aka BT, where you tuck your excess material from your top into your back pocket instead of your pants. Hence the name, Back Tuck. As you can see I'm trying to turn this into a thing... hastag #backtuck #backpockettuck #pockettuck #trendsetter

I wore this denim on denim look to work today- it was obviously a controversial outfit because there were mixed reviews. I feel like such a rebel. 

And yes in case you're wondering I AM wearing glasses! Guess why:
A. Fashion statement
B. I'm actually blind
C. I fell asleep with contact lens on last night (#REBEL #WorstRoleModel #Ever)
D. All of the above. 

I think we all know which one it is...... To reward you for playing my game and getting it right (whichever one you picked, you're right), here's a cheeky butt selfie (I say 'selfie' because I take all the garage door pics myself).

Top // My mom's oversized denim shirt worn inside out         Jeans // We the Hunters       Shoes // Witchery (Can we all tell I'm loving cobalt blue lately?) 

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