Singapore Collaboration (Part I)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Took these pictures last month when I was in Singapore for four days. One of the brands I used to work with decided that we should do another collaboration, and here is the Lookbook! Well, part of it anyway.

I'm not allowed to disclose the brand's name yet because the collection still hasn't officially gone live, but will update you guys as I go along! Right now, here are some of the pictures that I couldn't wait to share....  

Amazing, amazing photography- I'm so impressed by the outcome! Also loving the floral print on this dress (you might notice it's the same one from where I wore at Bugis street from my Instagram pic...)

Most adorable floral playsuit! I wore it in Malaysia the other day paired with a leather jacket... Perfect amount of edgy/feminine (my favorite combo). 

 A couple more photos in my next blog post! Stay tuned...

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3 thoughts

  1. Marina Bay? that last outfit is da bomb - you look amazing Jo!

  2. I love floral everything! So seeing you wearing these outfits is making me WANT them all!!! Amazing pictures!

  3. your pictures are so amazing girl
    what camera are u using :O?

    xx Michelle


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