Chacey Love

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Blazer // Chacey Love    Crop Top //  Chacey Love    Dress// Chacey Love    Leather Skirt // Bardot   Jewelleries // eBay   Floral Headband // Asos and Bella Rowz

Photographer // Amanda Mabel    Model //  Natalie Lucas   Stylist // Joanne Phua

Thanks to the lovely Acelyn from Chacey Love for all these goodies! I'm especially loving the black and white paneled dress, which I'll be making a lot use out of during my upcoming internship this summer (I need more work/formal clothes!)

We took these pictures the week before exams started. 3 girls, exploring Sydney Uni campus, changing outfits and taking photos. I have collaborated with Amanda once before, and am still continually amazed by her incredible photography skills. It's not just that- her post-production skills are equally mind-blowing. 

Here's a picture of me and my Uni best friend Nat- this girl left me for Europe and Perth. :( A Skype session is in order, girl! 

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