Afternoon tea with Ms. Natalie

Monday, June 03, 2013



Floral Headwreath: Bella Rowz Crowns
Shirt: Gagaland

Model: Natalie Lucas (for work please contact Chadwick Models)
Styling: Joanne Phua
Photo: Joanne Phua

This is the first time I'm getting behind the lens to shoot someone other than myself (I use a tripod and remote control to shoot all my other outfit photos), so pardon the lack of composition/focus/poor lighting. Any comments re: Photography skills would be highly regarded. 

In any case, my best friend Nat came down to my house one gloomy Friday afternoon and we decided to do some impromptu shoot outside my house. We did 3 outfits but this is my favourite of them all! :) She looks so incredibly dreamy and I'm loving her hair. Who else agrees she looks better in soft feminine photos (as opposed to chic edgy like the one from the previous houndstooth shoot?)

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