Louis Vuitton SS13

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Loulou and Cara (winner of British Model Awards 2012)! :)
 The only other Louis Vuitton runway show I knew of was the one in Shanghai, which I experienced vicariously through Gary Pepper Girl's blog  It was pretty impressive, with the models coming out of a steam train. Marc Jacobs was awesome, but it was too.... old for me.
 And then MJ collaborated with Daniel and came up with this damier print for our Ready To Wear! The clean aesthetic blew me away and I was instantly a fan...

Minimalism/Monochrome is a huge trend this season so I'm especially loving all the looks, especially the white-on-white, and yellow damiers :)
This is my favourite picture- it's currently serving as my desktop background! 
 This collection is currently in stores now, and I'm really lucky, because the Louis Vuitton Sydney George Street store is the only store in Australia that stocks Women Ready to Wear :) I really want to find one day where I could try on all the clothes in this collection!! ahh.. heaven :D

On a random note, here's what I'm currently listening to: Best 2012 mix ever!

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