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About Me 

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Sydney University Accounting and Economics major with too many dreams. Would love to try my hands on being an entrepreneur, stylist, visual merchandiser, buyer, brand manager, flight attendant, kindergarten teacher, United Nations translator, TV host, event host, news reader, DJ, etc! This goes to show that I despise specialization. I'm a keen and fast learner, and I love trying new things (especially new career paths). To me, life is all about experiences, and as long as we are here on Earth, why not make the most of it? 

Five things you probably didn't know about me: 
1. Pescatarian 
2. New Years baby 
3. Lived in three continents
4. Speaks four languages
5. Trying to gain weight!  



In March 2013, I also started a Fashion and Beauty Society (FABSOC) at the University of Sydney. 

If you are a sponsor: We are always looking to work with different sponsors to give a plethora of experiences to our members, so please contact us regarding possible collaborations or events. Email us at hello@fabsoc.net

Some of our current Sponsors and Affliliates include:
GlamCorner, Mary Kay, Nutrimetics, Runway Scout, Otthers, etc. 

If you are a student: We are looking to expand FABSOC to different Universities around Australia, so if you are an eager, passionate and motivated individual who is interested in starting up a FABSOC branch in your Uni, please contact us at hello@fabsoc.net so we can discuss more about this opportunity. Sponsorship funding and leadership training will be provided. This is a great opportunity to great involved in uni life, meet new people and put an impressive list of achievements on your resume! Note: This is not for the weak hearted. If this sounds like you, please email us at hello@fabsoc.net

If you are a writer/publisher/printing company/sponsor/emerging designer: We are planning to launch a new FABSOC magazine next year, so if you know anything about the magazine industry or just love fashion journalism in general, please contact us at hello@fabsoc.net