Wednesday, November 06, 2019

These five pieces that I'm about to introduce to you are items that are on high rotation in my current spring/summer wardrobe. I'd wear them everyday if I could! They can also be styled back with your existing wardrobe basics to create more interesting looks.

Violet Auguste The Label Eloise Penn Midi Dress 1

Whether it's a mini, midi or maxi dress, Auguste the Label continues to impress me with their unique designs and European take on feminine, floral pieces. They've done such an amazing job creating figure-hugging dresses that flatter your boobs, especially if you have smaller boobs like me. 

Vestire The Label Paloma Blazer 1

All throughout winter I have been loving the blazer and pants combo with sneakers look, so the natural progression into spring/summer is the linen blazer + shorts combination. Even better if it's a natural colour like this one from Vestire, an Australian label.

Hazelton Tkees Jo Suede And Leather Sandals 2

TKEE is a sandal brand that's made in Brazil and they've recently come into Australia! I love how soft their leather is, and the minimal designs make it very easy to seamlessly be a new addition to your wardrobe. I love wearing it with denim. 

Gold By Charlotte Love Letter S Single Earring 3

Helloooo piercings. Tattoos were all the rage last season but it looks like ear piercings are the new body trend. Single earrings are slowly also becoming a thing, especially when there's a trend towards collecting multiple piercings on one ear only. These dainty letter ones by By Charlotte are a super cute way to wear a stud without it being boring.

Light Denim Madewell The Perfect Summer High Rise Straight Leg Jeans 2

What's a summer essential list without a good pair of denim? Denim are all-year-round essentials for me, so I would not leave it out! This season is all about the straight leg, light wash, lifted-bum look so this one from Madewell is just perfection to say the least. Bonus points if it cuts off at just the right length (ankle or slight above ankle), and if there are no rips in the jeans.

Hope you enjoyed this little guide and that it helped you identify gaps in your summer wardrobe and make your shopping experience more fun! One of the tools I used to help me put together this list for you guys was using The Urge. They are a fresh, new startup that is set to revolutionise the online shopping experience. I spoke to the founder Cayley on the phone today and I'm so excited for what they have in store and can't wait to see what else they come up with!

Think of The Urge as a search engine, but for FASHION! They have really cool features such as Sale & Payment Method (eg. PayPal, Afterpay etc), so you can filter retailers directly from The Urge's site before even clicking into the products to be brought to the retailers page. I've found that it's also a great way for me to discover smaller and more unique brands and retailers, which I might not have been exposed to if I use Google directly, as Google would generally favour retailers that either place Ads or brands that already have a larger team and have good SEO practice down pat.

Have a go at playing around with their website and let me know what you think! Would love to hear your thoughts and don't be afraid to DM so we can chat about this further!!!

Happy Shopping!! xx 

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