Best Blogging Gadgets: I Swear By These!

Friday, April 06, 2018

Some of you may know that I've recently quit my full time role as an assistant buyer at David Jones to become a full time blogger/ content creator! In the midst of this, I'm also doing freelance styling and digital content creation, whilst hopefully launching a store later this year (keep your eyes peeled for that one!). 

In light of this, I've partnered up with to share with you my top 10 best blogger gadgets that I swear by! So either you're a beginner looking to dip your toes into the world of Blogger/ Instagram, or a seasoned content creator ready to take the plunge to turn your passion into a full time career, I hope the little tips below help! 


You guys - invest in a portable charger! I admit I don't have one of my own (using the boyfriend's hehe) but it's something I am going to get myself eventually. It's super handy for when you're out on meetings all day and then have events at night! Or when you forgot to charge your phone the night before and need to Insta Stories your brunch! May or may not be based on true stories....


I have used both - both have amazingggg photography cameras (I mean, let's be real that's all we care about, right?). I personally prefer the iOS system (living for the blue iMessage bubbles), but if I had to use an android, Google Pixel would be my absolute #1 choice. I'm currently alternating between the two in terms of taking photos. Google has great low-light camera (think event/ concert photography), and especially amazing for detailed flatlay shots (such as your morning coffee or work desk situation), however I find the iPhone's tone-mapping a lot softer & less "saturated" in portrait shots.

In terms of storage size, get the biggest one available! It's a few hundred $ more and it'll save you the headache of running out of space in the long run, which can be incredibly frustrating!


Since working freelance, I've been using cafe's, co-working spaces, and public libraries to access free wifi. This means lugging my laptop from work to meetings and sometimes to events! For this reason, the lighter your laptop, the more ideal it is for transporting between locations. My Macbook Air has served me since my good ol' Uni days, and continues to be my greatest tech companion (second only to my phone) in terms of work. 

I chose the 13" for the SD card slot, but in hindsight, I'd go for the 11'' for ease of and the lighter weight, and use a USB to SD card reader cable instead. 

Okay, not technically a gadget, but you're reading a fashion blog!!!! Of course I'm going to include my favorite work bag! It's called "Neverfull" for a reason - it literally holds everything. My 13'' Macbook, two water bottles (drink plenty of water folks!), camera, phone, notebook, laptop charger, iPhone cord, lunch, wallet, makeup etc. The list goes on! I have the Monogram print in MM size, which I think is perfect for day to day use.

Here are some other monogram favourites of mine: 


Unfortunately Apple stopped selling these (only refurbished versions), but I love using this at home!! It's soo nice to see photos blown up on a big screen especially when you're editing on Lightroom. Even replying to emails feels more 'luxurious' on a big screen and a mouse. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from your laptop!


Okay the biggest question of all time.. "what camera do you use?" Girlfriend, you asked for it and here's the big reveal!

Brand-wise, I find Canon more intuitive to use than Nikon, and have stuck to it since. I've also tried Olympus in the past and to be honest, I was highly let down. It's a good looking camera and super aesthetically pleasing, but for the quality of pictures, I'd much rather resort to my iPhone or Pixel. One brand on my wish list though, is the Leica. Petra from Pepa Mack uses it in her photos and they always look incredible! 

In terms of the body, I don't use anything super fancy, I used to have the Canon 650D but I have since upgraded to the Canon EOS 70D Mark II. I have two lens that I go in between: 50mm is great for portraits (that bokeh!!), whereas I love the 10-18mm for adventure/ travel photos and flatlay shots. It's a wide angle lens so gives you almost a fish eye effect. 


I love this at home! Not so much blogging-specific, but I love using it to get dressed quickly in the morning for my meetings or just getting out of the door in time. It's trans-seasonal autumn weather in Sydney right now, so I often get dressed according to the temperature. Yelling "Hey Google, what's the weather today?" from across the room whilst doing my makeup saves me a few minutes while I decide what to wear in my head! I realise how ridiculous this sounds as I'm typing, but technologies were invented to improve our lives and I'm determine to make the most use out of them! Ahh, what a world we live in.

PS: The Google Home Mini is super cute too! I have both the original Home, and the Mini in Charcoal.


Out of everythingggg I suggested on this list, this is one that's the least obvious but I'm most proud of. It's a handy little tool that essentially connects your SD card directly to your phone, so you import photos from your camera right-away for instant editing on VSCO or Snapseed! It's perfect for when you're meeting deadlines, or editing on-the-go. If you prefer editing from your phone rather than on Lightroom, this is a life changer. 


I personally don't have this, but it's something I find incredibly fascinating! Being able to charge your iPhone, Pixel, iPad etc at once is so cool! Good for couples or family use. 


Okay, I cheated. This is not really a "gadget", but I loveee a good notebook! As a creative I find it much easier to flow your ideas on a piece of paper - be it pitching a creative brief for a client, or jotting down my list of priorities for the day - it's so much more satisfying crossing this off things with a pen than electronically ticking off! 

My favorite one I'm using at the moment is by Karen Walker x An Organised Life. Kikki K does amazing stationeries, so does Typo, Supré (ikr surprising!! but they're super cute!) and Collin and Deb :)

What are YOUR favorite holy grail tech gadgets that you use on the daily?! Any tech geeks around here that would like to share? Comment below! Would love to hear your thoughts :)

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