Monday, April 25, 2016

Here are three things I learned after moving out of my parent's home:

1. Groceries in the fridge do not refill themselves. 

2. I can't finish a 2L carton of milk in a week (that's what housemates are for). 

3. I actually don't really need two-thirds of my wardrobe. 

Okay so a little bit of a back story... When roomie-cum-landlord Miles first asked me to move in with everyone else, I was thrilled but hesitant. Where would I put all my clothes from my built in wardrobe? And my makeup collection? What about all my shoes? How can I possibly part with them, especially if the time comes where I absolutely need that pair of Louis Vuitton red heels with black lace ups to match my outfit? 

Turns out I never thought about that pair of shoes at all, let alone needed it for any emergency event. Go figure. 

Currently my wardrobe consists of one, yes,  an honest-to-god one full rack jackets/tops/dresses consisting of my basics blue (denim mostly), black, grey and white. Skirts and pants each take up an Ikea box and accessories take up another. That's my wardrobe that I'll been living with for half a year now, and I'm pleasantly surprised at how much easier getting dressed has become for me. 

I have my basics like tank tops, tee shirts and long sweaters. A few summer printed dresses by Faithful, the rest are stripes. When I get bored of the limitless combination, I layer. Layering has always been my passion (Margaret Zhang, here's looking at you), and the outfit I've featured here is probably my most-worn layering outfit of all time. Here are a few handy rules to go by: 

1. Invest in a white turtleneck knit. This is a STAPLE. I can't tell you how many times I've worn this little number, but the holes that started forming down my sleeves might be a good indication. 

2. Don't put away your summer wardrobe. Yes you heard me!! I know some super organised bloggers who actually store away their summer wardrobe when fall approaches. 100% no! I love layering anything sleeveless over a long sleeve turtleneck knit (see point 1). A black tank top, a spaghetti strapped slip dress, a sleeveless denim dress, black denim overalls... The list goes on...

3. Experiment. Once I wore a swimwear bra over a white tee shirt, and was soo proud, thinking that I started a trend. "No one understands me", "Imma dress how I want and not care what you think!". Yeah, nah, Jojo. I would not be caught dead in it now!! But that's what fashion is all about, experimenting, breaking rules and learning from them as your aesthetics changes. What is your worst fashion faux pas and how did you get over it?


Wearing Black by Geng tank top over vintage turtleneck knit, The Only frayed hem denim, Louis Vuitton leopard heels. 

Accessories - Celine sunglasses, Louis Vuitton clutch, Naked Vice pom pom, Rue Gembon necklace, G star belt. 

Photography by Ramon Diamzon

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