Saturday, April 18, 2015

Beyond excited to be able to finally release these photos as my entry to the Staple style challenge. Dennis and I wandered around the streets of Sydney and found this cool red phone booth that screamed 'editorial-worthy'. It was actually a little awkward, as while we were shooting, tourists were walking past and giving us weird looks as if we were crazy!

The unexpected red from my dress sleeve inspired me to put on red lipstick, red nails and red shoes. I wanted red roses for this editorial too, but alas, I realised that no one sells red roses on Sundays. WHY? What's wrong with Sundays and roses?

Massive thanks to Staple the Label, Naked Vice, QT Gold Coast and Minimalist Store for this opportunity. You can view the other entries from my fellow Australian blogger friends by going through the hashtag #StapleStyleChallenge on Instagram.

sunday somewhere sunglasses
louis vuitton red shoes
louis vuitton chain louise in black
mango leather jacket
samantha wills rings
elegant touch nails
YSL red lipstick via Sephora

photo by dennis ardel

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