Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lower Body:

Bottoms: Skinny Jeans, Boyfriend Jeans, Jogger Pants, Tailored Pants, Knit Skirts


Shoes: Flat-heeled Boots, Heeled Boots, Knee High Boots, Military Boots/Dr Marten's, High Heels, Sneakers

Bags: Clutches, Totes, Cross-body Bags, Drawstring bags, Handbags

Accessories: Fedoras, Sunglasses, Beanies, Watches, Leather Gloves, Jewelry, Scarves

Upper Body:

Skin Layer (Optional): Skin-tight Tank Tops, Spaghetti-strap Singlets

Base Layer: Turtlenecks, Button-down Shirts, T-shirts

Middle Layer: Cardigans, Denim Jackets, Blazers, Cashmere Sweaters, Knit Sweaters, Leather Jackets, Varsity Jackets, Sweatshirts

Top Layer: Over-sized Leather Jackets, Coats, Puffy Jackets, Fur Coats, Trench Coats

The simple formula, as you would have guessed by now, is 

Base + Middle + Top

I suggest categorizing your outerwear based on their categories above, so in the morning, all you do is pull one piece from each category and voila - you are a layering-pro! Then all you'll need is find a pair of bottoms, shoes and accessories and you're dashing out the door.

Here are 15 of my favorite combinations that will last you for two weeks: 

Turtleneck + Cardigan + Leather Jacket

Turtleneck + Denim Jacket + Coat

Turtleneck + Blazer + Coat

Button-down Shirt + Cashmere Sweater + Puffy Jacket

T-shirt + Leather Jacket + Coat

Button-down Shirt + Knit Sweater + Fur Coat

Knitted dress + Trench coat + Double Scarves

Button-down shirt + Cashmere Sweater + Coat

T-shirt + Sweater + Fur Coat

Turtleneck + Varsity Jackets + Coat

T-shirt + Sweatshirt + Coat

Button-down shirt + Turtleneck Sweater + Jacket

Dress + Trench Coat + Poncho

Turtleneck + Sweater + Coat

Button-down shirt + Sweater + Leather Jacket

T-shirt + Knit Sweater + Puffy Jacket

I hope this inspires you to start experimenting with winter layering! It's actually lots of fun and if you start documenting your outfits by taking a selfie in the mirror before you leave your house, you can have a collection of layered outfits you can refer back to when you are in a fashion rut. Or, you can bookmark this post right now so you can quickly refer to it in the mornings :)

Let me know if this is useful - I'd love to get some feedback! Or, share your favorite layering combination below - I'd love to add it to my list!

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