Monday, April 13, 2015

For some inexplicable reason, attending fashion week always leaves me in a fashion rut rather than a fashion #inspo fest. I think it has to do with the over-thinking of outfits and knowing that people within the industry will be judging you based on what you wear.

This is when fashion formulas come in handy for me. I mix my combinations up quite a bit, but lately I have been pulling together outfits with this simple formula in mind: black, leopard and khaki/olive.

Inspired by the wild life and natural habitat, all three of these colors work so well together. Who would have thought that Sir David Attenborough would have an influence on my sartorial choices?

So, I've got a mission for you for today: pull out all your khaki and leopard pieces/accessories you own in your wardrobe, and start playing mix and match, incorporating your blacks. You'd be surprised at how effortless morning dressing can now be, without defaulting to monochrome.

louis vuitton leopard pumps

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