Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I apologize in advanced that this is NOT going to be a fashion/beauty post, but one about entrepreneurship, which is my second passion. Read on, but you've been warned.... 

As some of you may already know, Im highly interested in the entrepreneurial scene, having starting my own blog and turned it into a business. I have also dipped my fingers into started Australias first Fashion and Beauty Society (FABSOC) that has now spanned across five major universities in Australia! We are joining forces with some major brands to launch a Blogging Conference soon, and will give out details on that when we finalize the details.

Anyway, I remember attending one of Jack Delosas entrepreneur conferences called 'Unconvention' last year. One of the selling tip that I walked away with that Ill always remember, is to have a video on your landing page as a hook to tell your story/ what your business is about. With so many tech devices and social media channels, we are craving instant gratification. Words / blogs just dont cut it anymore - people are turning to YouTube, Vine, Snapchat and Facebook videos for entertainment. And if done right, for the entire duration of your video, you have your audiences full attention - something hard to come by in this fast paced day and age.

So when I chanced upon Pitchi, a selling platform where people sell via videos, I was instantly enthralled. An eBay with videos instead of pictures! What a great idea! It was one of those moments where I went, why havent anyone thought of this before?

Here are a couple of my favorite videos:

And of course, a video for us fashion freaks:

I was really lucky to score an interview with James Curtain, General Manager of Pitchi. He was previously the General Manager of Carsales, so he has a serious amount of experience in online selling. 

Heres the lowdown-

1.     'Pitchi' sounds a lot like 'picture', which is what you want to get away from, and into videos.. So why the name?

The name refers to pitching an item for sale. When we list items for sale we are trying to convince someone to buy it were pitching it! So were playing on that idea because with a video you can do so much more to pitch your product or brand.

2. You have grown so much in one year! Even though what everyone sees is the reward, what has been the most stressful part of this journey?
Just getting the site off the ground and hoping that everyone would love it as much as us, but it felt like we were embraced straight away! Its been amazing watching the site grow and see so many cool new sellers getting on board as well as the great response from the community. 

3. Where do you see Pitchi in 5 years? 

A household name known for being a site where people discover cool and innovative new products and quirky sellers. 

4. What's the most memorable Pitchi video you've seen of all time? 

We really like EAT.ME.DOs Popsicle Earrings as the Pitchi really shows off how fun these accessories are and the enthusiasm that the designer pours into her creations. 

The Freefold Stool by Fold Theory is also another favourite. We love the idea of using cardboard to create modern and contemporary looking furniture. Video here: 

5. What is the secret to the success of Pitchi? 
A simple idea that inspires people. We have made using Pitchi as easy as possible, while maximising the engagement youll get out of it. We also support our sellers on our blog and act as an inspiration hub for emerging entrepreneurs. We are here to help grow ideas and we think people appreciate that.

6. What is your single, most important piece of advice for the young entrepreneurs and Gen Y start ups? 
Build relationships. No one is an island get out there and meet your customers and collaborators. You might have the greatest product but you need to be engaged with the market to get it out there.  

7. If you could go back in time, what would you tell your pre-Pitchi self?

Youre totally right, they are going to love it!

And youre right, James - we do!! 

P.S: For those of you wondering about the blog title, Shark Tank Australia is one of my favooooorite TV shows (Yes, I love it as much as I love Friends!!! That says a lot!). Janine Allis (founder of $140mil business Boost Juice) has got to be my favorite judge on the show, and I particularly love her blog! She has such amazing tips for young entrepreneurs like ourselves. Her blog posts are succinct and useful, and somehow still remain quirky and genuine. 

Here are my Top 3 favorite blog entries by her: 

Maybe I'll be able to interview her for my blog some day! #NeverSayNever :D

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