Saturday, January 24, 2015

I'm wearing: Dricoper Denim shirt, Milk & Honey shorts from Myer // Milk & Honey tank dress, Everything's A'Ok Espadrilles

One denim shirt - two easy ways!

1. Wear it with a pair of summer shorts in a funky print like the above, OR

2. Worned around the waist in a light summer dress which coincidentally is the same print as the shorts. 

This is not pictured, but a third way of combining these garments would be to wear this dress tucked into the pair of shorts, and have the denim shirt around your neck - which is the new trick of styling in 2015! Watch it - it's going to be a street style phenomenon (like blazer-on-shoulder trick and the half-tuck) and you'd get so sick of seeing it you'd order KFC and sit in your room yelling at the fashion god for letting this trend slip past. 

Jokes, I'm a vegetarian.

So there you go, my guide on how to wear the ever-versatile denim shirt this summer. I particularly love this one from Dricoper because it's loose and casual. I wore it to work last Friday, tucked into skinny jeans & black loafers (I work in a corporate environment but we have casual Friday policy).

Wishing everyone a great Australia Day long weekend!

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Jo xx

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3 thoughts

  1. Cute outfit! I love the print!

  2. Thanks babe!! Same.. It's summer here in Australia so the palm tree print is perfect! How have you been? x

  3. So cute, love the print of both the dress and the shorts!

    xx Cheyenne


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