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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Anthony is wearing GEHRICH's 'The Abbotsford' coat, ASOS skinny chinos (he has three pairs of these in different colors because they fit so well AND affordable), Uniqlo checkered top, ASOS shoes

I know it's summer now in the southern hemisphere but if you're a fashion-conscious male located in America right now, you'd be drooling over this coat, as you are our Australian beaches and bikini babes. Ha, just kidding. Thanksgiving in the snow is fun too, I guess. :P 

Jokes aside, I really wanted to feature this men's coat for a while now. Remember my older post featuring GEHRICH's navy coat? The material is luxurious and so is its male counterpart's. 

Anthony is wearing a size M here, which is his regular top/jacket size. The fit is slightly oversized, but since he'll be layering underneath, it's perfect for winter. For the Australian fall/winter that wouldn't require as many layering, especially considering how thick the material of this jacket is, I'd recommend going down a size for a more fitting look. Anthony shoulders are 40'' for your reference if that helps.

And if you ARE indeed in the northern hemisphere right now, did I tell you that GEHRICH ships worldwide?! :O Yup, now I've convinced you, haven't I?

Photos by yours truly :)

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