Monday, October 20, 2014

 Wearing: Lack of Color fedora / Faithfull the Brand dresses / Miu Miu shades / 
Steve Madden pony hair espadrilles

The cold Sydney weather later has had me reminiscing the warm weather from just about a few weeks ago, when these snaps were taken! Hopefully the sun decides to come out again next weekend as I'm about to go on a Hunter Valley getaway for my friend Tony's 22nd. So excited :) Tony rented a house for the weekend so it'll be like a mini road trip. I have never been to Hunter Valley before so I'm definitely looking forward to it... Anyone has any tips you want to share with me? Camille from Frilly Skirts sent me a list of where to visit, what wine to buy, and most importantly what not to buy so that was super helpful!

I'm not sure if I'll be taking my camera with me as I'm planning to travel light, though I'll end up bringing more clothes than I need... AS ALWAYS... who feels me? Therefore Instagram updates will be the deal so follow my updates there! :) 

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