Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm wearing: 

Top Outfit - 
Hand-me-down shirt from Japan
Zara clutch
Rings by Curated Label and Dainty and Bold
Nails by House of Holland x Elegant Nails via Her Fashion Box

Bottom Outfit - 
Earrings by Dainty and Bold
Necklace by Dainty and Bold
Witchery bralet (also similar - ASOS Chelsea Lace Bralet and Miss Guided Black Lace Bralet)
Runaway the Label white blazer (also available on St Frock)
Rings by Curated Label and Dainty and Bold
Nails by House of Holland x Elegant Nails via Her Fashion Box

To add to your already long list of internet shops to procrasti-window shop at, BKRM is one of the finest web shop based in Hong Kong that I highly recommend.  They ship worldwide and stock my favorite Australian labels like Maurie & Eve and Paint It Red, but also have a more affordable 'basic' collection that is sure to tickle the fancy of your inner minimalist.

Before I get into what I need your opinions of, I just want to say sorry for the mini blogging hiatus. I've been dealing with some personal issues lately (aka boy problems, to which some will reply THIS), but I'm up and running again and ready to start on a new adventure!

I'm sure some of you have seen snaps of these pictures on my Instagram @bamitsjoanne, but now here they are, in all it's glory! These snaps are the amazing product of sickest fashion photographer Nelson Lai. I can honestly say I walked away from the photoshoot learning so much more about myself - how to work my body, my angle and poses etc, than I've ever done in my entire life. This is the product of working with someone who has a keen eye in fashion, who's worked with international models before and is good at giving directions! 

I try to learn myself as well. I love watching reality shows like Asia's Next Top Model. When I read magazines, my favorite part is definitely the high fashion editorials. I would stare at the pages for hours and notice the subtle things - like how they always try to elongate the neck, how they are aware of their fingers placement, and try to guess what movements they were doing for the photographer to snap the 'movement' shots with the right timing. I hence love behind the scene videos (Coco Rocha's are a must-watch - she's a crazy b*tch, in the best way) because you learn so much from them!

There is of course still much room for improvement for me, but this is my learning curve. This is definitely a lot more time-consuming and challenging than my regular daily outfit posts, but it's exactly why I want to do it. I learn so much more from these photoshoot sessions than I would have otherwise, constantly challenging myself and learning about what makes people go "OMG" and what makes them go "Um.. Can you not?" Haha.

I hope you guys enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed working on them for you. I hope to start creating more editorial-inspired content in addition to the normal 'street-style' ones that I used to do. This is just something new that I want to explore, and I hope you guys will join me in this journey and give me as much constructive criticism/ feedback as possible! 

Let me know what you think of this change of blog direction, and if you're feeling chatty, what you want to see more of in the future - editorial-inspired posts, or normal outfit posts, or...

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3 thoughts

  1. Love both outfits. I so need a black crop top to wear over a shirt.
    I think it's great that you're trying something new. I'd suggest go full on editorial like you want to, but still try and keep a personal touch to it.
    I hope your boy troubles will get better soon.

    xx Cheyenne

  2. Hey Cheyenne - thanks for your comments - I always appreciate them!

    Yes, you raise a valid point - it's still me, so the content is definitely always going to have a personal touch to it, just the pictures will be a little more... Pose-y lol. Lack of better words. Or I'm just a terrible writer eek.

  3. That sounds really exciting :) xx


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