Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Witchery Mesh Triangle top in XXS/XS - adjustable so it fits really well

Witchery Slouch Stripe pant - size 4, yet still about an inch too large, had to pin the back for the purpose of this shoot. I recommend trying in store before purchase

Louis Vuitton shoes (from the SS13 collection), Lovisa earrings, Zara clutch, Dainty & Bold necklaceHouse of Holland x Elegant Touch nails via Her Fashion Box

Alright guys, I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet. This post speaks closely to my heart and therefore has taken me quite some time to muster up the courage to post it, but I hope you appreciate the thought and sincerity behind it.

Two weeks ago, I posted a sneak peak of these photos on one of my social media channels and received a comment essentially implying that I'm too skinny and that the media should use more "pleasant models".

First of all, I am in no way or form a model, and have never claimed to be one. Secondly, while I do appreciate (and highly welcome) constructive criticism, I believe that skinny shaming is akin to calling someone out for being "fat". We don't call someone out for being overweight because it's rude, so why do people think it's okay to tell someone off for being too skinny?

And lastly, for those of you out there who are naturally skinny like me-

With mainstream hip hop obsessing over booties right now, it's easy for us 'skinny bitches' to feel inadequate about our bodies. Or in this case, the lack thereof.  I always joke about getting a boob job but you know what - if a guy doesn't want to be with you because you are lacking on that front (heh heh, pun intended), he's not the right guy for you. Be confident in your own skin.

At the end of the day, instead of comparing, we should be empowering each other. Size 4 or size 14, as long as you're healthy that's all that matters. We're all beautiful in our own ways :)

I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way. Let me know what you think! Comment below or ask.fm me :) Let's start a discussion and create awareness of this burgeoning social issue!

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9 thoughts

  1. I totally know how you feel because many people that I know or even my family would say 'wow you're so skinny!' or ask 'why are you so skinny?' Like what's up with that!? And it's definitely the same as fat shaming. I am naturally skinny like you and I love my body but it's annoying when people state the obvious. I totally agree that we should all empower each other. Our differences are what make us unique.

    So glad I just found your blog and love it! Also fab look and great photos.


  2. Can't agree more. Skinny, fat or average, the physical appearance of a person does not define their health, and personally, being healthy and comfortable with your own skin is all that matters. I had a friend who recently got kicked out of a beauty pageant for being too chubby even though she had the brains and character to take the crown, which really annoyed me because they are practically telling all the young girls who are looking to join the pageant in the future that your size is the major factor that determines whether you stay in the competition, while your intelligence and ability come second. This is absurd.

    And by the way, you look gorgeous and fab as always in those pictures hun! :)

  3. disqus_r3dmtdaUhm11 October 2014 at 00:11

    I remember being guilty of skinny-shaming in middle school--and I regret it. But you're right; who cares, size 4 or 14. I'm awkward bodied compared to so many people-- chest and waist: size 3, my hips, butt and legs: size 4 >_> EMBRACE IT. XD

  4. Hey Danielle- no, don't feel like a jerk! I think because everyone has been voicing out against "photoshopped" celebrities that this skinny shaming issue has been so vocalised these days. It's normal to think what the media feeds you, but thank you for having an open mind to accept and understand that not everyone who is skinny are photoshopped or starved themselves to look that way! :)

  5. Hey Alicia, thank you so much for leaving a comment! Glad you're loving this space and hoping to hear from you more!
    Yes, I can empathise with you regarding people who call out my weight right to my face, many of them not realising that they are being rude, some may even think they're giving a compliment! At the end of the day it's what we make out of it that matters, so keep your chin up and be proud of yourself you hot little minx!

    PS your blog is amazing!!!

  6. Haha damn right! Don't regret it - you were young! Learn from it and move on. Glad to see young women like yourself embracing your weight/looks. Inner beauty is what matters most! :)

  7. That is horrible!!! The concept of pageants is always a tricky one, because pageants have long since been about defining a certain type of 'socially conventional' beauty and dismissing the other equally beautiful women. Hopefully one day we'll see a landscape change or a pageant equivalent of the Civil War, where society as a whole celebrates beauty in every way, shape and form! :D

    Thanks Ash! Miss you and we need to properly meet up one day! I can't believe I've only briefly met you once in my whole life and that was through my cousin haha x

  8. HAHA! Yes we MUST! Holler when you're back in Malaysia, or if I ever have the chance to visit wherever you are (because you're everywhere), whichever comes first >.<

  9. I dont think I'm going back anytime soon... :(


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