Tuesday, July 08, 2014

I'm wearing: Cooper St Clothing cardigan, My Boutique top (super comfy), Billini shoes and bag, We the Hunter jeans, Miu Miu sunnies c/o Sunglass Hut, Her Fashion Box bracelet

I have finally landed in sunny America and this is my first post from the land of the free. I am currently based in Los Angeles for a Sydney Uni Exchange Program with UCLA, but last weekend I had the pleasure to visit all my high school friends in San Francisco. 

I also met up with Instagram photographer friend Ryan Chua. So glad to finally meet the amazing guy behind that account. He's super generous and such a sweetheart. Follow him on Instagram @ryanbyryanchua if you haven't already! 

You are probably wondering why I'm wearing a cardigan and jeans when it's all summery in America! San Francisco is a weird city with capricious weather - it's foggy and cold on one side of the bay, and warm and sunny on the other side - at the same time. You always need to have a jacket or scarf ready. I had a leopard shawl I stole from Anthony in my bag ready for whenever the wind decides to hurl right at me.

I'm currently back in LA and haven't had a proper shut-eye since two nights ago, so I'm heading off to bed now. Hope you enjoy this set of pictures and now that I've finally settled down in California, I'll be blogging more often/ more consistently! :)

Next up - Las Vegas and New York!!

Miss you guys xxxx

Photos by Ryan Chua

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2 thoughts

  1. Totally loving your jeans!
    That's the thing with San Francisco, it is such a beautiful city but the winds can kill you.

  2. You look so chic! I could never pull off such a casual chic look :( :( You're a babe!


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