Saturday, June 07, 2014

 I'm wearing: Icon Brand hat, My Boutique cuff, My Boutique dress worn as top, Lioness distressed denim, Nike runners, Upixel backpack, Miu Miu sunnies

Wednesday was officially the last day of Uni for me for this semester, before I jet off to Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York in two weeks!!! I'm soo excited guys :) I'll definitely be Instagramming the shit out of L.A., oh dont you worry! And for my American readers- if you can please point me in the direction of what to see/eat/do/feel/dance to in LA, please comment below to let me know! Someone told me to order an L.A. water at the bars there (For Australians, it's like the Long Island but instead of 5 shots it has 10 shots!!) ;-) Any other tips?

But back to the outfit though, it was the last day of Uni so I decided to go full streetwear and all gangsta and shit with my cap and baggy jeans. And can we please talk about my bag pack? It says "Bam It's Joanne" on it!!! GAHHH I love it so much :-) Such a pleasant surprise - Thanks Upixel!!! :*

Photos by Vienna Che

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