Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wearing: Vintage angora wool knit (similar here), SHEIKE skirt (dropping in stores & online soon), Tony Bianco boots, MIU MIU shades via Sunglass HutHer Fashion Box necklace

There is no better sensation than feeling like a fluffy cotton candy, wearing shades too wide for your face, and generally badass-ing in strut-worthy stiletto boots. 

And what better way to deal with this excess energy of happiness than to wear it to the final day of MBFWA, which I did, and totally do not regret, no hashtag YOLO required.

I am so eternally grateful for SHEIKE to allow me to a part of their fashion week adventures, in great company with Amber Renee and Dasha Gold (The Trend Spotter).

Also, if you're interested in the story behind this green sweater: 

In an effort to debunk Anthony's St Patrick's Day theory that no one looks good in green, I pulled out, from my mom's* wardrobe, numerous articles of clothing that even remotely resemble this majestic shade of envy. Anthony's ridiculous, off-handed comment and/or facebook status put me into a whirlwind mission to prove him wrong. Did I do green its rightful justice? You tell me.

Either way, in hindsight, I'm glad I did that because I would not have otherwise uncovered this gem of an angora wool sweater sitting at the back of mom's wardrobe, long forgotten by its owner. 

*green is my mom's lucky colour because her astrological book says so, so it just makes sense that her wardrobe is filled with shades of said colour.  She recently announced that mine is yellow. Should I be redecorating my wardrobe to this colour?

Photos by Nikki Chowdury

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7 thoughts

  1. I am so obsessed with that shirt - it looks insanely soft xo

  2. You looks great in this outfit, love the green sweater it's perfect!

  3. I think the green looks great! It's not an easy colour to wear granted but with that pink skirt it's fantastic :)


  4. Gorgeous look. love this post colors, shooting everything is perfect

  5. Ugh this is so gorgeous! I seriously want your whole wardrobe! Such an amazing skirt.

    Kate xx


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