Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Remember my last Billini giveaway? I'm happy to announce that winner Jean Tan is now the new owner of an amazing new black clutch from Billini. Congratulations & can't wait to see how you'll style it!

Also from the same post, I promised to answer some of your questions you guys popped in the comment box, so here some of my answers :)

1. Who are your style icons?
Rumi Neely (can't believe I'm meeting her in person tomorrow!), Victoria Beckham, Miraduma. All 3 have very different styles but I draw inspiration from each of them to achieve my own.

2. What is your favorite brand of clothes?
I don't usually go for brands. If I see an individual item that's amazing, I'm hooked. But generally speaking, my favorite labels that always, always nail it are Josh Goot, Dion Lee, Celine and Balmain. 

3. How do you perfect the eyeliner?
Practice makes perfect. If you're talking about winged eyeliner, it's about the tools as well. I use Stila Stay All Day liquid liner & it's seriously the best. I've gone through 4 of them now and it's literally like drawing using a felt tip pen. Makes cat-eye so easy to achieve.

If you have more questions, feel free to comment below & I'll answer them directly! :) 

Have a great week ahead guys. xoxox

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