Monday, March 24, 2014

Went to the Opera House for a festival the other night with my parents and this is what I wore! This bag and boots are literally now part of my wardrobe staple! It's become my everyday bag - the size is just perfect for me to fit in everything I need on a daily basis, both for work and Uni (if I don't zip it up I can even fit my gym gear in it! Believe it or not!) 

The ankle boots are something I've been searching for hi and low for a few seasons now (I wanted the PERFECT shoe) and I'm so happy I'm now the proud owner of this sexy pair! The heels are a little tall for my usual day to day, so I would wear them either to the office (because I know I won't be walking around much) or nights out. I have only worn them to Uni once, and that was during O week where I had to stand at the FABSOC stand all day and it killed my feet! Lesson: NEVER wear heels if you know you'll be standing for 7 hours straight. 

Towards the end of the day I took my shoes of, sacrificing walking on muddy grass with my white polka dot socks! Which is funny because I've worn these to night outs/clubbing before and they were perfectly comfortable! They have now become my clubbing go-to. I'm sick of glamming up for the night but ending up not enjoying myself because my feet hurt too much for stupid heels that look pretty but are totally uncomfortable! These black booties are not only chic but also super comfortable (I was jumping around in them for 2 hours last Friday for a mate's 21st and I didn't even complain about my shoes- NOT ONCE!) 

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I wanted to answer a question I've been getting a lot lately (it's an FAQ)- who takes your photos? Well, it really depends. I used to take them myself but I recently lost my remote control (I know! What an idiot sigh) so I've been getting help from friends and family to shoot it for me! For this particular outfit, my lovely dad was photographer for the night, and I think he did quite a good job! What do you guys think :P Comment in the comment section below! :) 

Wearing: Billini Dorsal bag, Billini shoes/ankle boots, Cotton On Denim, Sportsgirl sunnies

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