Sunday, January 26, 2014

Photography: Joanne Phua

As promised, I'm happy to announce that Bam It's Joanne is launching into a whole new category - men's fashion. I've had a few requests from readers about advice/showcasing men's fashion. When I see guys on the city, or at work, who dress well, it's automatically a head-turned for me (though good looks don't hurt either). I feel I have much more to learn about men's fashion but I've gotten help from a friend Anthony who agreed to be my guest model for this post. I'll be using different guy friends throughout this series, so don't worry if you get bored of his face :P

My main source of inspiration is Adam Gallagher. I find myself setting him as the example of how every man should dress. He can do both casual and formal so effortlessly well. If I were a guy I'd definitely want to raid his closet. Hell, I'd raid his closet as a girl if I could, to dress my future boyfriend (Btw, I'm in need of a photographer boyfriend, please apply in the comments below.. kidding!).

But back to the topic, Anthony bought this burgundy velvet blazer from ASOS just in time to spend Christmas with his family down in Melbourne. Since the velvet blazer is enough of a statement piece, he cleverly paired it with a simple white tee and laid back dark grey Chinos. As for accessories? Well remember, brown shoes-brown belt; black shoes-black belt!

When I asked him why he chose brown over black, he said it burgundy looks a little harsh with black. Do you agree? Drop me a comment and let me know what you think!

Anthony is wearing: ASOS Velvet blazer, ASOS dark grey chinos, gold aviators (similar here), brown belt, basic white tee (similar here) and brown shoes (similar here).

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