Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hello all my loyal readers! This is my first post of 2014! Sorry for the lack of posting lately.. I swear I'll get back into the swing of things once Uni starts! I have this theory where the higher my stress level, the more I'm prone to procrastinating.. the more I blog to avoid doing 'proper' work haha :P 

Now that summer is here in Australia, I'm all about lazing around under the sun, spending time with people I love, eating mangoes, yoghurt and drinking green juice. When you start to properly enjoy life & being in the present moment, technology comes in second. 

Anyway, this new year, I want to get back to the basics for my wardrobe- I feel the most comfortable in this outfit combo, and I've been wearing this white shirt + denim shorts combination alot this summer (Believe it or not it was my birthday outfit). 

In other more exciting news, I'm giving away this pair of Tony Bianco shoes courtesy of Style Tread in conjunction with Valentine's Day! I'll also be giving away a pair of Windsor Smith men's shoes as well.. Stay tuned for details lovelies xxx

Stay classy Sydney (Anchorman reference heh)

Shop this look: 

I'm wearing: Lack of Color fedora in Midnight Montana (sponsored), similar here
 Tony Bianco "Ashtyn" heels in Black Venom, via Style Tread (sponsored), 
Cotton On white button-up, similar here
Aeropostale DIY cut-off jean shorts, similar here 
& lots of finger blings (gifted), similar here and here 

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  1. The last picture is so cool! Love the hat!

  2. Those shoes are gorgeous! xo


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