Monday, December 16, 2013

Here are the rest of the pictures from the shoot I styled. Which part do you enjoy better? White swan or black swan?

I personally love the white swan pictures the most, mainly because the model looks so lovely, sweet and dreamy in them. And coming from someone who likes edgy/cool, I feel like I'm behaving more and more lady-like! I think I'm growing up...

Photographer: Christine Ai of Cai Photo

Stylist: Joanne of Bam It's Joanne (yay that's me! :p)

Model: Rebecca Lomas from Chadwick Models

MUA: Yenn Xin 

Assistant: Emma Chu

Dressed provided by GlamCorner

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2 thoughts

  1. Beautiful outfit and awesome photographs... love it
    xx, Malena
    You can check my blog on:
    Fashioncontainer Facebook page

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