Thursday, October 10, 2013

Good things come in small (and immaculately wrapped) packages.

This is what I wore to a blogger buffet dinner c/o The Grace Hotel and Australian Graduates Fashion Week (AGFW) last Saturday. Totally meant to coincide with the Navy Fleet review. And possible Prince Harry spotting. It was my first blogger event I've ever attended since I started this blog in May. It was a pleasure to meet Lucia and Tash from Elle Tassy, Jess from Jess Loves Fred, Yan from Parfasseux and Karissa from Tom Girl and Threads. Check out their blogs because they are quite literally out of this world.

AGFW is an Australian platform for student designers to showcase their designs, and the winner gets to walk away with $10,000 to start their own label (no kidding). So if you're an aspiring designer, I urge you to submit your work to their website soon! Who knows, you could be a household name by this time next year. The official dates are 14 & 15th December, sponsored by Hyundai, Sportsgirl, Virgin Australia just to name a few. I'll be covering the show as a blogger/media come December, so even if you can't make it, you'll be seeing those amazing designs here. 

I'm wearing: Backstage dress, Case and Cover clutch, The Accessory Store ring and cuff, Seed Heritage shoes, Mango leather jacket

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4 thoughts

  1. GORGEOUS - I love the arm cuff so much! xo

    1. Thanks so much Olivia!!! I'm loving them so much too :)

  2. wow impressive!!!! Sorry for asking you this ques, but seriously I am really keen to join this kind of blogger events there any way I can join it? =S

    1. Hey Angeline- I'm not sure! :( AGFW organized and invited us to the blogger dinner, so I had no idea which other bloggers were going to attend the dinner until I got there. The whole time I was just liaising with the PR girl from AGFW. Hope that answers your question? Although I'm sure you can arrange a bloggers hang-out whenever you want! :)

      Also just so you know, for future you can ask me questions at!! ;)


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