Blogger Crush: Tuva Malmo

Sunday, August 11, 2013

I found this girl through her Instagram @tuvamalmo and completely fallen in love with her looks. This lead me to her blog, which I'm kinda obsessed with right now! She's definitely one of my favorite European bloggers at the moment (I have a long list of them!! Will share with you guys sometime if you're keen to know). 

I'm in love with her clean and crisp looks- how incredibly effortless and chic. Also the fact that she doesn't seem to be wearing a lot of make up, yet her sun-kissed skin and blonde hair just adds to that amount of perfect!

Not to mention her room... Oh god. If foaming over her interior design artistry is an Olympic game, I'd win a few gold medals without even trying.

I wonder if she gets everything from Sweden, since she's Swedish after all?

Feel free to stalk my girl crush here, and while you're there, tell her I said hi!

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