Red Hot Peri-peri... Oops I mean Pants.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

What did Demi Moore wear to a red carpet event? RED HOT PANTS.

What is Kate Bosworth wearing? RED HOT PANTS. (Image from Just Jared)

And who else? FERGIE. 

Rihanna even ditched her red hair for her red hot pants! Need I say more? 

And who would have thought that even the guys are jumping on the bandwagon?
William Moseley (hottest teenage star from Britain ever, and yes he has a British accent!)

Chris Brown! Albeit gangsta style.

All image source: Google Images

Reason why these red pants are so trendy lately it because they look amaaazing in black and white for a chich look (as you can tell from above), and goes with any other bright colors if you're looking to do color-blocking! My personal favorite would be a cobalt blue top or a bright pink sweater. 

Excited on getting your very own pair that yells "fashionista" but unwilling to burn a hole in your wallet? Here I've sourced three pairs from ASOS that are currently on sale and guess what? UNDER 50 BUCKS. 

I sure hope this post makes your day.

AUD$90.42     Now at $49.32
That's 50% off if you didn't notice!


AUD$57.54  Now for $34.52


AUD$65.76   Now for $39.46

And lastly, a red hot peri-peri pair from Nasty Gal.

I'd love to see you guys in your red pants! Do send me link/ share a picture to brighten up my day!

Fashionably yours,

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