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Sunday, August 30, 2015


Only a week has past since I've gotten back from Europe and boy does time fly! To be honest, I did not want to come back. Returning to Sydney meant returning to all these [dreaded] responsibilities, and travel was my means of escape. However, there is no avoiding life forever, and sooner or later you'd have to face them, so why not now?

As soon as I stepped down on Australian soil, I have been on the go non-stop -- unpacking, jetlag, meetings, catch up's with friends and family, work, work, more work. I've recently just taken up a new job as well, so with two jobs on my plate, plus uni, fabsoc, freelance styling and this blog, I have been round the clock busy, from the moment I am awake till I fall asleep. I don't have the luxury of picking out my outfits in the morning anymore! 

That's when closet staples come in handy. Black skinny jeans like this pair from Abrand has been on high rotation, paired with multiple other black items in my closet. Here I've paired this pair of jeans with my black sneakers (my sneaker obsession is still high from Europe... Can Australia please start being acceptable to girls clubbing in sneakers?). On colder days, I wear them with my knee high boots, and on business meeting days, I wear them with my staple leopard print stiletto's. 

The key to looking chic in black, is to ensure you are aware of your proportions. Black skinny jeans? Pair it with a loose black tank top. Long, loose black pants? Try them on with a high neck tight crop top. Lastly, always, always accessorise! Here I have my sunglasses, ring, clutch, and a hat borrowed from my friend Camille. Keep them simple and understated -- after all, so is the rest of your outfit.

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Monday, June 29, 2015


Spent all of yesterday at the amazing Versailles palace, about 45 minutes out of Paris. Mike's Travel Guide easy to follow and incredibly detailed guide of getting there. The only thing I would add is how to find out which platform to get on when you're at the RER station, which can be easily solved by asking at the information counter. And they're more than happy to help you if you greet them in French! 

Definitely a recommended place to visit when you're in France, however be prepared walk heaps as the palace and surrounding garden is massive! Comfortable sneakers are highly recommended. 

Outfit details:

Sportsgirl striped top
Lilya overalls (dropping online soon)
Adidas Stan Smiths via ASOS
Nike socks
Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses via Sunglass Hut  (similar: via Macy's )

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Photos by myself and Helena Wang

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I do not believe in the practice of storing your summer clothes as winter arrives, and vice versa. Summer dresses can be an unexpected touch when worn under a coat (or two)! Add a pair of over the knee boots to keep your legs warm and you'll be good to go. Stocking are a good idea as well if you don't have knee-high boots. 

The Fifth Label coat via BNKR
May the dress label
G Star belt
Betts Shoes over the knee boots
Sunday Somewhere x CY Choi sunglasses
Samantha Wills earrings & amp; assorted rings

Photo by Ramon Diamzon

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


As I prepare to leave Sydney in about a week to Europe, my Facebook feed is a deluge of posts of friends going overseas or a picture of an iconic American/European building/scenery/old bikini pictures with captions counting down about them going overseas. It seems as though half of Australia decides to flee to Europe or the USA around this time of the year, which is ironic, considering our mild winter compared to everywhere else around the world.

So being the opportunist that I am, I've decided to cash in on this trend with five most comfortable airport outfits to make that travel planning just a little bit easier for you lucky ducks who are leaving.

See you on the flip side! 
Outfit #1: Oversized sweater + Black skinny jeans + Bucket bag + Ankle boots

Outfit #2: White tee + Boyfriend jeans + Denim jacket + Loafers

Outfit #3: Furry jacket + Skinny jeans + Shoulder sling bag + Ankle boots

Outfit #4: Graphic tee + Ripped skinny jeans + Blazer + Sneakers + Backpack

Outfit #5: Striped button-down + Skinny jeans + Oversized scarf + Comfortable flats

Which of the five is your favourite outfit? Sound off below... 

P/S: European readers - hit me up! I'll be based in Paris mostly, but will be travelling to other parts of Europe as well. If you are around, we should grab a coffee or a baguette. Or both. 

Monday, June 08, 2015


When Boohoo asked me to pick my favourite style icon and recreate it with their seemingly infinite online wardrobe, I instantly thought of Victoria Beckham. Polished and - like us millenniums call it - on point, it's something I really appreciate seeing in a woman. 

So here's the throwback outfit I've tried to recreate, inspired by my favourite Posh Spice outfit above. I used three pieces from Boohoo, for a total of - get this - less than $100!

This was also the outfit I've chosen out for my most recent Sunday Somewhere x CY Choi series I shot in my previous post. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Boohoo sweater

Tuesday, June 02, 2015


I was invited to shoot a series of images for Sunday Somewhere to celebrate their collaboration with Korean menswear designer CY Choi. We shot this at Sydney Uni on a Sunday (har, har) before I headed straight into a pile of uni work! Exams coming up in two weeks, and then flying straight off to Paris the next  day :) So excited, can't even wait.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Putting on a designer show on Fashion Week is no easy task, let alone bringing over the entire Fashion Week franchise all the way to Australia! Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia celebrated its 20th anniversary this year and we go back to the roots of where it all stemmed from - fashion entrepreneur Simon Lock, owner and CEO of The Lock Group.

As always, my admiration for fashion entrepreneurs got the best of me, and was lucky enough to score an interview with the man himself. I heard from him first hand the challenges he faced on the first fashion week in Australia, and without giving away too many details, it's quite riveting. 

I decided to do a little fun interview with him, here is the down low:

Simon, would you like to tell us a bit about your book?

Yup, it's called "In The Front Row", and it was really written to celebrate 20 years of MBFWA, an event I started back in 1996. It's a book that really chronicles, not just the development of the Australian fashion, but also my career as well - what I'm doing now as well as what I've done in the past.

What inspired you to write this book?

Well, I guess it's the 20th year of fashion week, it's such a mile-stone for the fashion industry. And it has taken so many of us to get here, and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to tell that story, and also shine the spotlight on how most people made the event how it is. I thought a good way to do that is to write the book, not only to let fashion students know how it came about, but also who is responsible for it, and how we worked together to make it happen.

My blog is about entrepreneurship as well as fashion, so my readers will be interested in how you brought fashion week to Australia...

The book is really, in essence, about an entrepreneurial story. It really is. I mean, it was a really adventurous, entrepreneurial pursuit. It took four years of planning and fund-raising, and being completely innovative and building a business, to produce the event, because, you know, we had to build a company from the ground-up - a company that is capable of producing events like Australian Fashion Week, so that's really exciting. But now, 20 years on, the entrepreneurial story is still going. I just launched, and it is now an online wholesale platform. It does the same thing as all the fashion weeks - showing top designer collections to retailers. And so, it's joyous on this 20th year. Now for the first time, not only buyers sitting in the front row can see the great Australian designers, but 2,500 thousand of the best retailers around the world who couldn't come to this event, can now see these collections and buy them online. So that's a real milestone. It started off and continued as an entrepreneurial journey, so we'll see.

Is your company The Lock Group?


And that's the one that owns fashion week?

Yup, The Lock Group started in 1989, so it's 25 years old now, and The Lock Group has started Australian Fashion Innovators, which is the event that started Australian Fashion Week. 

How does IMG come into the picture of Fashion Week? 

I sold one of my companies, Australian Fashion Innovators to IMG. So they now own and operate Australian Fashion Week, and I'm still the founder of the event, and still very much involved.

So are you still a director...?

No, I'm not with the company anymore, no, no, no. I'm purely the founder of the event, so I was CEO of the event for 15 of the 20 years. The last 5 years, I've stepped aside and developed my new business - 

And you're still very much connected to Fashion Week?

Well, absolutely. Every year, I attend the events, I am speaking at the opening ceremony this year. I'm still there searching for new designers to help and support, and supporting all my friends for many years. So yeah, I will always have an involvement forever with Australian Fashion Week. 

Is fashion week sort of like a franchise then?

No it's not, all of the fashion week internationally, they are either owned by industry associations. London, Paris and Milan are owned by industry associations. New York is owned by IMG. The industry association sold New York to IMG, as I did. And IMG also operates a number of fashion weeks around the world. Some are privately owned, and some are run by industry organisations. 

In terms of the business aspect, how do you see events such as VAMFF? Are they a competitor?

No, they very much sit comfortably alongside traditional trade fashion weeks. And in fact, fashion weeks around the world are becoming more consumer-focused. Like VAMFF, which is completely consumer focused. So if you look at MBFWA this year, two days out of the six are focused towards the public, and the other four days are for the industry. And so we are starting to see a far, far greater focus on consumers, than we are on the industry. And the reason being social media. Now, everyone in the world can attend any fashion week, sitting in the front row via Instagram. And so, people are seeing those clothes instantaneously, and they want those clothes. Designers are realising that there are more value in communicating to consumers now, than there is with the industry. So that's why we created our online platform. Business and business can be done online, and fashion weeks can focus more on consumers.

Simon P. Lock's new book In the Front Row: How Australian Fashion Made the World Stage, published by MUP, is out now. RRP $34.99

Photos by Zak Kaczmarerk