Thursday, February 26, 2015


I've plastered all over my social media channels but here are the first proper photos of my BLONDE HAIR! Yes, I've gone blonde and I'm still in the midst of compiling all your questions about dying my hair with Amaya - which will be out in a future blog post!

Thanks to YOU GUYS - your support and encouragement - I had the opportunity to collaborate with Kath Purkis and Her Fashion Box to model my Top 10 favourite, and here are the results! 

You can look at the full set of photos here.

Also don't forget to check out Sharon Farrell's Top 10. If you're not already aware of her awesomeness, she's an amazing makeup artist, and I met her at a Nuffnang Dubai event where she was super lovely to speak to! Her makeup was on point even off camera, and yup I already know what you're wondering, her YouTube channel right this way. 

BUT before you do that, tell me - which outfit do you like best?! 

Wednesday, February 04, 2015


So I was browsing ASOS today (as you do), and you know how they play an amazing selection of musics during their model 'catwalks'? I am eternally grateful to ASOS for listing the songs and artists names, because otherwise the lyrics will be stuck in my head and I would never know who sang it and what song name was.. Hands up if you hate it too!!

Now this is how I chanced upon Whinnie Williams (all good stories start with fashion, always), and I decided to search her up on YouTube after my 5th hour of saving items/ adding to cart /removing from cart because $$ /adding back to cart because YOLO (please don't judge).

It seemed impossible, but her music videos made me like her even more! In a recent interview with her by Red Carpet TV, she described her music style as "60's French". Which I wholeheartedly concur - even the music video styling is on point. Her signature makeup look (on and off music video) is very 60's Twiggy inspired - long, big lashes and big hair. In terms of clothing styling, there are many Chanel-tweed jacket references, and I've spotted her red Miu Miu sunnies in more than one video (I have the same one in a leopard print version from Sunglass Hut! Does this mean I've got Whinnie's fashion approval?!).

Anyway, I'll spare you further girl crush rants, but she is now my #WCW (Women Crush Wednesday, a highly popular Instagram tag as of late, along with #TBT Throw Back Thursdays and #FBF Flash Back Friday. Who invests these? Seriously). Even though her style is not something I'd wear myself, but I admire how she brings herself, and how she wears it so well... Love it when people stick to their style and nail it! For example, my friend Alisha Yi nails 'sportluxe/ normcore', Yan Yan nails 'i woke up like this / casual idgaf cool', Olivia Palermo nails 'polished, luxurious chic'. None of them are 100% my style/ where I draw my fashion inspiration from, but I'm obsessed with them as a person because they can do no wrong in their niche/department.

ANYWAYYYY, I digress, please enjoy some Whinnie Williams as embed here. She deserves a lot more fame and views on her videos - comment if you agree!

Tuesday, February 03, 2015


Self-pampering Without Leaving Your Bed 101


1 x bowl of Greek yoghurt and some fresh fruits (preferably in Australian flag colours)

1 x box of stick-on Elegant Touch nails (breakfast in bed? pfft, perfect nails in bed! Or better yet, perfect nail beds)

1 x box of Eylure eyebrow palette for highly achievable 'Instagram Brows'

1 x good book (I'm currently reading Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card.. it's too addictive!)


Step 1: Place eye mask on your eye bags 

Step 2: Place neck and decolletage mask on neck and decolletage

Step 3: Eat your yoghurt

Step 4: Read a good book for 30 mins, or just close your eyes and relax

Step 5: Remove eye and neck masks

Step 6: Admire the difference Skin Republic masks made to your skin

Step 7: Put your best brow game on

Step 8: Glue on some nails (to look done up in under 5)

Step 9: Smack on your go to red lippy - M.A.C 'Red'

Step 10: Spritz on Chanel No. 5 Eau de Parfum

And there - done! Any boy who ever hurt you, any boss at work who's ever condescending to you, any chick who's ever fake to you... None of them can put you down now, because you love yourself. I know this does come across as a little superficial. My mom, a strong follower of Osho, will say - Jo, these things are fleeting, temporary. They make you feel good for a while, but after that, you're still hollow inside. 

No, mom. These things make me feel better about myself. Sometimes you need to shower yourself with love, with a little self-pampering. Sometimes an under-eye mask filled with collagen is all the nudge you need to come to a realisation. That everything else is just fleeting - heartbreaks, condescending bosses, fake friends - they are all for that moment only, it's your mind that eats up all the negativity and hold grudges and make Spotify playlists full of sad songs.  

So pick out a mask, close your eyes, relax, and most of all.... be happy with yourself. Happy for being yourself.... and also for having gotten rid of your dark circles.

Monday, February 02, 2015


Potentially the loooooongest photo post you'll ever see from me!!

Here are the outfits breakdown: 

1. American retro shirt dress and hair piece from Napoleon Perdis lifestyle, House of Holland sunglases, Louis Vuitton flats

2. Camilla and Marc top, Camilla and Marc pants, House of Holland sunglasses, Louis Vuitton sprouse print pumps, Karen Walker x Benah cross body bag

3. Uniqlo oversized shirt (size M - I've gone two sizes up!), DIY shorts from Aeropostale, Louis Vuitton Oh Really pumps, House of Holland sunglasses

4. Camilla and Marc dress, Napoleon Perdis bag chain used as belt / "bum bag", House of Holland sunglasses, Louis Vuitton sprouse print pumps

5. SABA vest worn as a dress,  Napoleon Perdis bag chain used as belt, Louis Vuitton loafers, House of Holland sunglasses

6. Victoria's Secret front clasped bra, SABA cropped pants, Louis Vuitton sprouse print pumps, Samantha Wills gold bar necklace, Sportsgirl sunglasses, Napoleon Perdis lifestyle cross body bag

7. ASOS shirt dress, Karen Walker x Benah cross body bag, Louis Vuitton loafers, House of Holland sunglasses

8. Victoria's Secret bra, Aeropostale cut off denim shorts, House of Holland sunnies and Adrift Clothing kimono

9. Adrift Clothing shorts, Uniqlo shirt

10. Camilla and Marc top, Adrift clothing shorts, Karen Walker x Benah bag, House of Holland sunglasses

Phew! That's was a mouthful!

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this editorial with my partner in crime Phi Hung... if it weren't for him being in another state, I'm sure we would spend every weekend together frolicking around car parks and beaches and doing what we love... creating amazing content! 

I loved styling each and every one of these, my personal favourite would have to be a battle between the Camilla and Marc head to toe blush look, or the Uniqlo shirt and cut off denim shorts casual look!

And I want to know, which one is your favourite outfit?

Saturday, January 31, 2015


I'm wearing: Lavish Alice snake print dress (their range is also available at ASOS), Hello Parry pearl earrings, Billini shoes, Oroton cross body bag, Oroton iPhone case

The reason I'm writing this post today is to remind everyone of work dresses! Most of us will be going back to our desk job on Monday, and if you're having one of those uninspired days, slip on a dress. 

I've been very, very uninspired lately with my work clothes, rotating around a black top and either a black skirt or black pants. 

When shopping for work clothes, I've always been more fond of the top + bottom combination because I feel it gives me more ways to style an outfit. For a pair of bottom, I can wear them with 100 different tops to create 100 different outfits! However with a dress, wear it once and I feel as though I can't wear it again for a long time. The cost per wear is more expensive. 

However, if you find the right dress - something that you can wear to work AND to drinks in, then you're onto a winner. This particular one by Lavish Alice is just that!

It's a long dress up to my knees, so with a blazer thrown over (yes, I have cold office syndrome so I still need blazers even in summer), it's the perfect work attire. The low neckline, two thin straps and a subtle cut-out detailing gives the sassy snake print the excuse to be seen in a bar as well! 

So, reminder - a dress is not a bad investment after all! 

Shop more work/party dresses here:

Saturday, January 24, 2015


I'm wearing: Dricoper Denim shirt, Milk & Honey shorts from Myer // Milk & Honey tank dress, Everything's A'Ok Espadrilles

One denim shirt - two easy ways!

1. Wear it with a pair of summer shorts in a funky print like the above, OR

2. Worned around the waist in a light summer dress which coincidentally is the same print as the shorts. 

This is not pictured, but a third way of combining these garments would be to wear this dress tucked into the pair of shorts, and have the denim shirt around your neck - which is the new trick of styling in 2015! Watch it - it's going to be a street style phenomenon (like blazer-on-shoulder trick and the half-tuck) and you'd get so sick of seeing it you'd order KFC and sit in your room yelling at the fashion god for letting this trend slip past. 

Jokes, I'm a vegetarian.

So there you go, my guide on how to wear the ever-versatile denim shirt this summer. I particularly love this one from Dricoper because it's loose and casual. I wore it to work last Friday, tucked into skinny jeans & black loafers (I work in a corporate environment but we have casual Friday policy).

Wishing everyone a great Australia Day long weekend!

Shop more denim shirts: 

Jo xx