Saturday, April 25, 2015


I love how versatile skirts can be, especially if they are of the adjustable kind. Halfway through the day, the heat got the better of me, and I decided to take my pants off and wear my skirt the way it was meant to be worn. Which look do you prefer?

Elle Louise leather skirt (worn as a top in the first pic, and then as a skirt for the second)
Billini "Raven" boots - "BAMITS15" for 15% off their website

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia ended about a week ago, and I had the absolute pleasure to attend the shows of some of my favorite Australian designers, like Manning Cartell, Alice McCall, Ixiah, Raffles (Any Step was my favorite designer from that collection - I got to chat with them backstage), Jayson Brunsdon, Bianca Spender, Galanni, The Innovators (I loved Worn), Swim Runway (shout out to Jewels + Grace for putting me in front row!), Zhivago (loved the shoes and set music - but more on that later), Leonardo Salinis and so on. I also loved seeing international designers on Australian shore, notably TOME from New York and Wang Yu Tao from China.

In terms of production, I was absolutely moved by Jayson Brunsdon - the first and only time this year a designer got my heart racing. The set was gorgeous - as you walked in, buckets of red roses were lying in the middle of the runway next to white benches. The theme was, evidently, Romance, and the collection was made up of dresses and suits in reds and blacks. The music was also about celebrating love, and towards the end of the show where the models came out in a line together, red confetti started falling from out of nowhere - it was a shower! I stole a red rose on my way out - I hope you don't mind, Mr. Brunsdon!

Here is a breakdown of what I wore:

Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse heels
JAG 'Audrey' skinny jeans (it's on sale now! wee)
Samantha Wills necklace
Samantha Wills Bardot ring in white and gold

photos by Michelle Xu and Jang Yooon

Monday, April 20, 2015


Sidewards rain and defenseless umbrellas are causing me to reminisce about summer and the beautiful lace dresses I wore all throughout it. The intricate lace details on the back and the sleeves of this dress makes me feel like a delicate little princess.

I shot this dress a while ago with Michelle, towards the end of summer. We felt like tourists in our own city, ooh-ing and ahh-ing about the coloured walls and the sun diffusing through the leaves of a tall peppercorn tree. The Rocks seems to have hidden staircases that lead to interesting European-looking buildings and cobbled-stone paths. At one point, we were stopped by a group of tourists who got lost, and if it weren't for Michelle keeping track of where we came from, I'd probably have to redirect them to an app called Google Maps.

seed heritage shoes
equip accessories headband

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Beyond excited to be able to finally release these photos as my entry to the Staple style challenge. Dennis and I wandered around the streets of Sydney and found this cool red phone booth that screamed 'editorial-worthy'. It was actually a little awkward, as while we were shooting, tourists were walking past and giving us weird looks as if we were crazy!

The unexpected red from my dress sleeve inspired me to put on red lipstick, red nails and red shoes. I wanted red roses for this editorial too, but alas, I realised that no one sells red roses on Sundays. WHY? What's wrong with Sundays and roses?

Massive thanks to Staple the Label, Naked Vice, QT Gold Coast and Minimalist Store for this opportunity. You can view the other entries from my fellow Australian blogger friends by going through the hashtag #StapleStyleChallenge on Instagram.

sunday somewhere sunglasses
louis vuitton red shoes
louis vuitton chain louise in black
mango leather jacket
samantha wills rings
elegant touch nails
YSL red lipstick via Sephora

photo by dennis ardel

Monday, April 13, 2015


For some inexplicable reason, attending fashion week always leaves me in a fashion rut rather than a fashion #inspo fest. I think it has to do with the over-thinking of outfits and knowing that people within the industry will be judging you based on what you wear.

This is when fashion formulas come in handy for me. I mix my combinations up quite a bit, but lately I have been pulling together outfits with this simple formula in mind: black, leopard and khaki/olive.

Inspired by the wild life and natural habitat, all three of these colors work so well together. Who would have thought that Sir David Attenborough would have an influence on my sartorial choices?

So, I've got a mission for you for today: pull out all your khaki and leopard pieces/accessories you own in your wardrobe, and start playing mix and match, incorporating your blacks. You'd be surprised at how effortless morning dressing can now be, without defaulting to monochrome.

louis vuitton leopard pumps

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Sunday, April 05, 2015


I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of white jeans for AGES now, so I am so glad I found these Uniqlo ones! When I was trying it in the change room, there were unfortunately way too long for my petite frame (it was 33"). Thankfully, they offered a free altering service and I was able to pick my jeans up on the same day! I highly recommend Uniqlo for the great service, comfort and affordability. I think I mentioned this on my Instagram before, but I seriously swear by Japanese denim! 

You can see from the photos that I'm wearing my jeans with the cuff folded on the ankles, but that's because I wanted to reveal my ankles for an illusion of longer legs (GREAT, handy tip!). I like the fact that I can easily fold them down again for full length should I want to tuck them into knee-high boots, which I will, come winter!

I wore this outfit out to a friend's birthday dinner, and my guy friends went "Jo, why are you wearing your bra on the outside?" I had to explain to them that it's fashion! So, to continue on the #BreakTheRules series that I started... (see last post), wear a black crop top or swimsuit over your white T-shirt! Something for y'all to experiment with over the long weekend, perhaps? ;-)

keepsake the label iphone 5 case
louis vuitton leopard pumps
st frock white tee (ps i think the model here is the blondie from Sketche SHE! wahhh)
nails by elegant touch
eylure lashes in no. 121
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


How many fashion rules can a fashionista break, if a fashionista could break fashion rules? 

In this outfit alone, I have broken three (...that I know of, there might be more). Mixing metals, accessorising and wearing a pair of jeans under another. The latter is not so much a 'rule', more so a 'whothehelldoesthat?' question, to which I respond - skinny people with oversized boyfriend jeans.

Let's start addressing these issues one by one. 

One, mixing metals. I have no reason to think why we should segregate rose gold, yellow gold and silver/ white gold. Colour segregation is a crime in the human world, so what makes you guys think it's okay for jewellery to be treated that way? Rings have feelings too.

Two, over-accessorising. I just counted - I have 14 rings in both hands, that makes 7 each on average! This is in no way hygienically practical (I've abandoned rings in washing basins before), but totally rapist-proof (blood will be shed if you throw punches at someone's nose). For personal safety and a defence mechanism, I say, heck, layer them babies up!

Finally, jeans over jeans. This is a fairly new concept to me, for I've never seen it done on the streets before. I was inspired by David Jones' latest denim editorial featuring Montana Cox where she layered two pairs of ripped skinnies together, and I thought, why, what a great way to wear my oversized boyfriend ripped jeans without folding them down the waist! Yes, that is what I usually do when even the smallest size is too large for my petite frame.

Do you dare break any of these rules? 

samantha wills statement necklace
samantha wills bohemian bardot ring & assorted fine jewellery
samantha wills bracelet worn as ankle cuff

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I'm wearing: LIFE with BIRD sweater and jogger pants, Seed Heritage shoes, eQuip headband

LIFE with BIRD has an amazingly stunning diffusion line called L.W.B, and it is a thousand shades of grey and black basics with a twang of modernity. Simply put, it is a normcore heaven.

I would not call myself 'normcore' blogger, but I do appreciate simple, clean aesthetics - any wardrobe requires basics. So imagine my frustration when trying to pick pieces out - 'Ooh, I loooove that piece.' 'Oh my god, that piece is even more stunning!' 'Wow, look at THAT.'

In the end, for my third instalment of the grey series, I decided to settle for comfort. An effortless, 'I woke up like this' look, but with some simple heels and glamorous headpiece for a nice touch. Who would ever think to wear pajama with heels and a Golden Slipper-appropriate headpiece? This outfit probably wouldn't sit well with some of you, but I enjoy putting unexpected pieces together - just to mess with your head a little.

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